Yucca Valley Community Cooling Center is not working

The city ought to rethink its community cooling center program during excessive heat advisories.

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Should seniors be kicked out of the community cooling center during excessive heat warning emergencies?

Here is a brief rundown of  my experiences today at the Yucca Valley complex of buildings.

This experience generated my concerns about NO community cooling center when needed on Fridays. What reasonable, prudent person wouldn’t be concerned?


I met a Marine Corps buddy I’ve known for decades to help him with a restraining order. I met him at the YV Senior center. The senior center shut down the place at 1:00 and all seniors had to leave. No aspersions against all the wonderfully dedicated volunteers, cooks and board members. The place just locks down at 1:00 pm.

It’s very hot. We gathered our stuff to prepare to move to the YV Community Cooling Center.

The front door was unlocked. One person (likely a town employee) greeted us and said “No cooling center on Friday”. I ask why? He seemed to be saying that on Fridays there are other priorites for the community center (some sort of game day or club meeting, whatever).

I sincerely hope Mayor Merl Abel, Mayor Pro Tem Rick Denison, and Council Members Jeff DrozdRobert Lombardo, and Robert Leone give some thought to having a community cooling center during emergencies for seniors and all residents.

There is the philosophy do the right thing. The right thing is to open this center on Fridays when needed as a cooling center.

I’m acquainted with the seniors over there. I’ve been going there on occasion for 16 years. I can say without reservations some of those seniors have no evaporation coolers, or AC.

There are some really aged senior Americans that use the senior center and community center for life support during excessive heat warnings.

It seems the city is sending  the message: “Let Them Eat Cake” on Fridays.

I am very pleased that many councilmembers and city officials live well and have all the modern comforts available to they.  I want city officials to be happy and healthy.

I ask those who can call the shots in YV to open up that cooling center. That ought be the priority.

Alternatively, since the health and welfare of residents are not a priority during heat advisories on Fridays, make it a priority!  Keep the “Senior Center” open beyond 1:00 on Friday as a cooling center.

We just lost two seniors in JTNP because of heat stroke. It didn’t take long. They didn’t hike far from their vehicle.

We all know that when you are 80-90 years old,  it doesn’t take long to meet your maker during excessive heat warnings.

While Town Hall is dark on Fridays, city officials enjoy the day in their own way, but do they understand their residents may be suffering from the heat.

Why is there a priority for club stuffs (whatever) during heat advisories that override fundamental health and safety concerns of Yucca Valley residents?

Veterans, seniors and residents need a community cooling center for respite from the heat during dangerous excessive heat advisories.

Branson  Hunter


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