Yucca Valley – Imminent shift in power/politics causes social media discord

"It is absolutely amazing the Hi-Desert Star hasn't said a word." The media is falling short of excellence in journalism. Their Patriotism to the JTCC and the power structure trumps responsible news reporting. Why do they not at least editorialize *'heir view*.

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UPDATED: 11-12-17 (3/45 pm)

The shift in power and politics in the Morongo Basin to district voting is sure to come. It is a befogging and thorny issue for some. Others will be thrilled with the bigger pictured of what they understand will be positive changes.

It seem residents of Twentynine Palms who are skeptical with converting, have respectfully and begrudgingly accepting the conversion and the council’s decision to initiate steps to convert to district voting. If social media is a measuring rod of sentimentality, some Yucca Valley residents are having difficulty accepting changes that the California Voting Rights Act will.

Twentynine Palms is a good example of where a city and its councilmember openly discussed the issue. The council in good faith did what they had to do. They voted to begin the process.

Yucca Valley council — with a penchant for specializing in closed-doors paralysis — has thus far shut the doors on transparency and open discussion relating to conversion. Yucca Valley will be forced (required) to hold no less that two (2) public meeting. Why are they pretending they are in charge? The council have some very strong backing from Joshua Tree Calvary Church supporters. Some are mad-as-hell and defend the power and political structure.

Local social media is erupting with dissenting voices and voices that believe it is time for change

For example, Kim Durkin has some pungent remarks about the existing power and politics in Yucca Valley. Durkin wrote:

The City Council has five members – all white men. Three [or four] of them apparently belong to the same church. That aside – the Council should reflect & represent the people who live here – including women, people of color, various spiritual beliefs, the LGBTQ community etc. Because that is who Yucca Valley is now – a diverse community. A diverse City Council can only help the community – it’s 2017, not 1950

However, Cindy Pague is not a fan of Constitutional safeguards of separation of church and state. Cindy doesn’t understand how out laws and constitutional safeguards work to make out country a better place for everyone. Cindy’s statements have a chilling effect on the Fifteenth Amendment and the coveted California Voting Rights Act, as follows.

At times I wish the many churches here ran the town council. All the time wasted on pot would have been quickly put to rest! They would declare it illegal per the federal guidelines and any lawsuit would go all the way to the supreme court.

And Randy Porter believes that “Joshua Springs is always being falsely attacked!” — while Anthony Urnikis believes “this is a well-known fact people… the church tries to control the town!!

Lucille Laird views are vastly differ from those of Cindy Pague; Lucille wrote: I have heard about this congregation and how they influence their congregation to vote. I’ve seen their flyers on topics of public interest too. We need a city council that represents all the citizens of the community not just these Evangelicals.

Do supporters of the Joshua Tree Calvary Church understand that the Updated 2015 Census discloses that the town has about 22 percent Latino. Some folks are in denial that the town even has a diverse population?

All opinions are encouraged and the views of all should be respected during the awkward and complicated transition to ward/area/districts.


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