You got to be nuts…. No large gatherings, Please!

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What possessed the City of 29 Palms to bring a Carnival to town with The ‘Wuhan’ flu dubbed a pandemic at its apex? Was someone asleep at the switch?

Have they lost their Minds?

I just got a message from the Morongo School District telling us all that they have cancelled the concert tonight and future public events following Sacramento and the governors guidance on protecting the population from the ‘Wuhan’ flu (Coronavirus )

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency last week as at least 20 counties have been affected.

Health officials have continued to stress that the public take precautions by hand-washing, and for individuals to stay home if sick. That instruction is especially critical to help protect vulnerable individuals. Younger and healthy people who contract the virus may have mild symptoms. But taking steps to self-isolate when sick helps protects others — including the elderly or those with underlying health issues — who are most at risk for developing serious symptoms.

There is a report of possible infestation of the virus on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.

Why has the City not shut down and postpone this carnival until the Corona virus has past.

Someone needs to wake up. Someone needs to make a command decision. Someone needs to be at the helm. End large public gatherings for the foreseeable future

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