You got to be kidding me………

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While Wrapping my newly caught fish I saw this story and comment and found the City Council agenda with the staff report and plans, which look like they were written by someone else and inserted.  It is interesting that the last two sentences of the staff report were eliminated by the newspaper’s author but are in the first comment that someone wrote. Those sentences give the expected construction cost (which is a ridiculous understatement).
The cost of this task is $22,000, however the next step would be engineering that would cost approximately $45,000-$67,500. The additional square footage is approximately 3,000 sq. ft. at $150/square foot, the approximate construction cost would be $450,000.
Looks like The Supposed Non-Profit Private concern acting as “Theatre 29”  wants to extract a Half a Million Dollars of taxpayers money out of us,  since it didn’t get its cut of the booty from Project Phoenix.
1. Was an RFP put out for the basic sketches that are part of the report? Who paid for those?

29Vigilence posted at 8:57 am on Mon, Jan 8, 2018.

Update: I found that there WAS an approval by the 29 Palms city council back in May for $30,000 for “Engineering Theatre 29” at

So now they want more and the monies already spent did not get the job done. Or what are the sketches presented in the agenda considered, and if they are considered engineering then why does the staff’s report say “the next step would be engineering that would cost approximately $45,000-$67,500”? The May agenda says that the $30,000 was for engineering. Who paid for the sketches? The whole thing looks like a big project to me and if I am paying for part of this then I want to be able to use this public facility. Maybe the city should run it so everyone can use it.

2. Who would receive the $22k if the counsel approves it? T29 or an architectural firm?
3. What is the difference between what the $22K would be for and the estimated $65K plans?
4. The building is not Theatre 29 — “Theatre 29” is an organization that leases the building for $1 a year. The building is the John Calvari Theatre.
5. $150 a square foot estimate for a public theater building that meets ADA requirements and health and safety requirements (e.g. sprinkler system) is absurd.  It would be at least twice that.  Since the City of 29 Palms (or possibly the county) would do the construction, would prevailing wage be a requirement? That would triple the cost at least. Then there is the added cost of the solar and the commercial lighting in the concert area outdoors.  Those poles alone for a commercial public facility would cost more than $150,000.
6. What is the cost for the added seats and would all new seats be put in or would newer seats be added to the various old ones they have? What about the cost of new lighting?
7. There is now an outdoor concert venue planned.  What is the noise ordinance in that location?
8. Has legal checked whether the expansion would cause all the existing facility to need to be upgraded to meet current code?  In other words, is the expansion significant enough to trigger ADA, health/safety, and earthquake compliance codes throughout the facility?
9. Theatre 29 does not have a mission statement consistent with the inclusion of concerts and they have no experience with that.  Who is going to manage it?
10. Will the rent still be only $1 a year for the Theatre 29 organization?
These and many other questions have not been answered by anyone at the City. This sounds like another Scam by the Same old Folks that get advantage of every new tax dodge.

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  1. Kit Marlowe
    Kit Marlowe January 9, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    These bumbing clowns on the council have been dicking the public around for 10 years. They have accomplished nothing but paving the road with gold to the 29 Palms Inn. No one can argue they know that the F they are doing. They haven’t enough $$ for downtown renewal, aka Project Phoenix and the city manager already advised tax increase for sewer. DO THEY UNDERSTAND THE CITY IS EXTREMELY DEPRESS? Yes. But they are on office to spend as much money as they can for cronies. The whole bunch of clowns degrade the American way. There is hope, the great god in the sky is looking down upon 29 and is giving taxpayers and the public by-district where council people will be looking after neighborhoods and people that live here.

    WE have a pack of crazies plundering public funds.


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