What is with the “hoarding” of Toilet Paper?

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What no Toilet Paper?

What did folks do before there was toilet paper?

Ever hear of Water, soap, and a washcloth?

Millenniums before TP was invented, it was “Go wash that ass.”

The the-vu wrote a great article in 2010, Wash, don’t wipe, your butt:

If you can read this, you are a human, and you poop. A subject that may delight a few, and disgust many more. but opinions don’t count, because we all have to go and poop. It is what happens afterwards that is rarely discussed. People from different cultures have different ideas about what you should do next. An American or a Brit, who has only ever seen a toilet roll next to a toilet, may travel abroad and find one of the five following devices at his or her disposal.

  • A porcelain bidet
  • A bucket or barrel of water with a scooper
  • A shower spray connected to the toilet tank water supply with a T-adaptor
  • An electronic toilet seat that dispenses sprays or jets of warm water and may also air-dry the area
  • A pipe that shoots water upwards.

There may be more systems than these five, but these are the common alternatives to simply using dry tissue paper to clean up.

Conversely, someone from the Arab world, or the Philippines, or parts of Asia, might visit The USA and be appalled to find out that Americans believe they can clean their anal area following defecation with nothing more than dry tissue paper. And they would be right, because it really does take more than tissue to be clean following the business.

Clearly, washing is more efficient than tissue-wiping when it comes to removing the after effects of going, especially if a lather from detergent is introduced, so what do these mysterious foreigners do in the bathroom? More…..

So I got to ask Why horde Toilet Paper????

Please wash your ass and then wash your hands…. Please wash your hands.

It would have been wise to always have a couple of weeks of food rat holed. Some water would be nice. But don’t get carried away for heaven sakes.

If you are going to horde something, let it be ammunition and body bags.

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