We’re Back! Back on the Attack!

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Well After Godaddy bent us over, lost our content, put us out of business for almost two weeks and treated us like garbage, we are back.

Users will have to re-register and I will have to toggle those of you who have the ability to post stories to your rightful positions, I will start to feel Better.

Larry, register so you can Kibitz. Press login at the bottom of any page.


These cheating lying bastards over at Godaddy continue to Nickel and Dime me, yet most of my site is still down. Liars, cheats, arses.

Thinking about  a Lawyer,  and going to see what we can do about getting something other that some 15 year old kids in the NOC sell me a line of bullshit. 9,000 stories down the wormhole. Compromised Content. Compromised not by the Russians or Wiki leaks but by the left leaning Kinder KGB at






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