Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows

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Image Landers Earthquake. At magnitude 7.3, the Landers earthquake was the largest earthquake to hit Southern California in 40 years. Centered in the Mojave Desert, approximately 120 miles from Los Angeles, the earthquake caused relatively little damage for its size. June 28, 1992 / 4:57:31 am PDT Location: 34° 13′ N, 116° 26′ W 6 miles north of Yucca, Landers. [Google Images]. More photos below.

Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows

Nov. 20, 2017

Scientists have warned there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year. They believe variations in the speed of Earth’s rotation could trigger intense seismic activity, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions.

Although such fluctuations in rotation are small – changing the length of the day by a millisecond – they could still be implicated in the release of vast amounts of underground energy, it is argued.

The link between Earth’s rotation and seismic activity was highlighted last month in a paper by Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado in Boulder and Rebecca Bendick of the University of Montana in Missoula presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America.

“The correlation between Earth’s rotation and earthquake activity is strong and suggests there is going to be an increase in numbers of intense earthquakes next year,” …

Link to today’s story: Earthquakes, The Observer

More images Landers Earthquake


Landers quake left scars such as this 6-foot-tall scar (bottom).















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