UPDATE: Draft Renewable Energy and Conservation Element

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Tuesday, August 8th
Public Hearing

on the
Draft Renewable Energy and Conservation Element (REC) of the County Plan
Now changed to
1:00 pm

Please pass the word ASAP so people have time to change their plans and carpool arrangements!

(It was announced to the Lucerne Valley-Johnson Valley Municipal Advisory Council meeting this evening, that a longer than usual closed door meeting in the morning would cause those wishing to hear about and comment on the REC to wait around too long, so the time for this agenda item was postponed to 1:00 in the afternoon)


In San Bernardino
County of San Bernardino Government Center

Covington Chambers- First Floor
385 North Arrowhead Avenue


In Hesperia
Jerry Lewis High Desert Government Center

15900 Smoke Tree Street

In Joshua Tree
Bob Burke Joshua Tree County Government Center

63665 Twentynine Palms Highway

For your written comments 
to be included in the Board of Supervisors Agenda Item send them by July 25, 2017, to
You may also submit written comments to the Clerk of the Board at the Public Hearing.


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