Two Wonder Valley Men make a Mark with the Justice System

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Mark Mroz and Mark Vogt of Wonder Valley are both arrested following the service of a search warrant at their home



DATE/TIME: May 4, 2018/9:15 pm

INCIDENT: Arrest for Weapons and Narcotics

LOCATION: 5000 block of Gopher Grove Ln, Wonder Valley

SUSPECTS: Mark Mroz, 65-year-old resident of Wonder Valley
Mark Vogt, 49-year-old resident of 29 Palms

On Friday, May 4th, Deputies Stumbo and Roche from the Morongo Basin Station went to the 5000 block of Gopher Grove Lane in the unincorporated area of Wonder Valley to serve an arrest warrant on Mark Mroz. Deputies located both Mroz and Vogt at the location and during the contact saw a handgun in plain sight within the residence. Mroz and Vogt are both previously convicted felons. A search warrant was obtained for the property and deputies recovered the handgun, a shotgun, ammunition and several ounces of methamphetamine.

Both Mark Mroz and Mark Vogt were arrested and booked at the West Valley Detention Center. Mroz was booked on his several o utstanding arrest warrants and a new charge of Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition and Narcotics Possession.

Mark Vogt was booked for Felon in Possesion of Firearm. Both suspects are being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Refer: Deputy A. Stumbo

Station: Morongo Basin Station

Phone No. (760) 366-4175

Case No. 091800636

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