TWENTYNINE PALMS: Segments of society left in the cold

Is this what democracy is all about?

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Is the city council a voice for families, working people, underprivileged, the middle-class or a majority of the residents?

They neither have a voice nor are are they represented in the city or on the Council.

They, as citizens and residents, need better infrastructure and better efforts at beautification in the city. They need a voice. They need better public safety infrastructure in place. This is a critical unmet focus.

The council, local media and special interest get listened to. They drive the city backwards. That is the state of affairs of politics and needs in Twentynine Palms.

Local churches and Reach Out do a great job addressing city and humanitarian ends. However “Reach Out Morongo” is underfunded.

Council member McAuthur (“Mac”) Wright – a man of the cloth – should consider stepping up his game in representing his constituency. He needs to be a powerful voice for the people, meaningful infrastructure and public safely.

This unspoken détente among council members is akin to “group think.” It is not advancing the needs of local citizens or moving the city forward as does Yucca Valley or other cities.

We have a caucus on the council that has weak knees; it also lack a consciousness and has/is doing harm to the public but good for interests serving their interests. Our council is awkwardly backwoods, but progressively clumsy.

There might be a conflict of interest with the local radio station and the newspaper. Both owner and editor, respectively, are now and have been the recipient of taxpayers money and unique and inappropriate favors.

When was the last time the media was a watchdog for the public? When was the last time the newspaper or broadcast media published or broadcasted editorials challenging or questioning council decisions or city spending habits?

Both are organs for special interest and for their own interest. Both are reluctant to do their jobs in government-journalism reporting or editorials.

Local media get failed grades in government-journalism ethics; both fall short of “excellence in journalism” in terms of local government watchdog reporting. Both fail as the guardians of good government.

This a great country. The city council’s clique of self-imposed détente mentality just hasn’t the consciousness to improve the city.

If we’re serious about loving our city, why is the city decaying and blight taking a back seat to low priority issues, or no priority issues?

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