Joshua Tree Gateway Communities/Los Angeles: Tale of Three Municipalities

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The Town of Yucca Valley and City of Twentynine Palms — both of which are “Joshua Tree Gateway Communities” —  situated in the Hi-Desert Morongo Valley have taken council positions declaring they are non-sanctuary local entities. If you are undocumented or have overstayed on a visa, Y.V. and 29 Palms do not want your business, you, or your family in city limits. Conversely, just yesterday Los Angeles yesterday made official that they will “not assist in any way with federal mass deportations or intrusions in schools, hospitals or courthouses seeking out residents and others people for deportation.” Is it safe to say that the 29 Palms city council encourages “mass roundups” in the city? That voted against the humanitarian bill, didn’t they?  
SB 54, called the California Values Act, requires that no state or local resources are diverted to fuel any attempt by the federal government to carry out mass deportations and that our schools, our hospitals, and our courthouses are safe spaces for everyone in our community.

Last June the Twentynine Palms City Council with an impregnable sense of Christian self-righteousness (along with a dozen other cities (Yucca Valley)) took a stance in opposition of the humanitarian California Values Act.

Even though the city and town are on record as scofflaw local entities in disobedience of California law (SB 54), 29 Palms City Manager, Frank Luckino, acknowledges the the obvious:

He informs that “absolutely nothing will change with patrol operations.”

Even though the city council is opposed to people without valid, current immigration document from entering the city to shop, lodge, fuel up, sightsee and dine — 29 Palms and Y.V. are fiat players with absolute no authority to keep people out of the city.

That would be against the Constitution. We still believe in that.

Moreover, a few years age the 29 council attempted to regulate intrastate commerce with an outright draconian ban to prevent licensed and legal mobile courier businesses from delivering physicians’ recommended legal medication to the sick, veterans, the disabled and elderly.

Therefore, the California Legislature overrode deviant towns and cities, to include Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms, that shutdown Intrastate commerce as those local statutes as overbroad and comporting with the California Constitution.

These sort legitimate businesses can now legally engage in intrastate commerce in Twentynine Palm.

It’s ironic that a then all GOP seated city council of males would even entertain the thought of Republicans preventing commerce in their city or sending a message to some tourists and visitors they are not welcome. 

The councils stuck their noses into federal matters and created a widening division among citizens and residents.

Sometimes the council needs to just shut up and tend to local business in the public interest.

The council defiant scofflaw actions were mean spirited. Their actions threw people under the bus, and the plan to prevent people from entering the city advanced racism and and raises animus and  ignorance on the council. 

Will the newest of council members follow the old ways of the republican old guard on the city council — or will they act independently — on all matters  — in the best interests of taxpayers and the public at large?

The cycle of groupthink on the City Council of Twentynine Palms in has driven the council into forays of dubious concern. 

Just ask the Attorney General and California Department of Finance. 

Legal immigration is very complicated. The INS is vastly underfunded. The immigration process is widely known as a slow and inefficient. Illegal immigration is for congress to legislate, not Twentynine Palms.

Their April pandering to GOP loyalists was little more than to draw the favorable attention of Republicans throughout the county and for a desiring to be vicariously stroked by the Administration and Congressional party loyalists.

Meanswhile, the council was ‘smack happy’ to accept a six million dollar gift of taxpayers’ funds from the state toward funding a project which has already sucked-up no less that $30 million with almost zero results.

Further, one revolving old guard 29 councilmen put into motion the sending of official city correspondence to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue seeking acceptance from the Commander in Chief because they have made the steps to ‘cleanse the city’ of the undocumented. 

The Los Angeles Times article below is tale told of a city in which puts itself ahead of personal biases, political commitments, party politics and meaningless stances that strike terror in residential neighborhoods.

Commentary/Opinion Branson Hunter
Updated 2/9/19 8:35 pm

It took a while, but L.A. formally declares itself a ‘city of sanctuary’

Immigrant-rights advocates said Friday’s vote came too late to have much impact.

“They missed the opportunity to do this when it really mattered — back when the immigrant community of Los Angeles needed to know where its city stood,” said Hector Villagra, executive director of the ACLU of Southern California.

The resolution doesn’t provide any new legal protections for immigrants, but instead reaffirms existing policies, including Special Order 40, which bars Los Angeles police officers from initiating contact with someone solely to determine whether they are in the country legally.

The resolution declares Los Angeles to be a “City of Sanctuary, protecting the human rights of all our residents.”

In-depth coverage of Los Angeles City Of Sanctuary

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