Tragic end for two lost souls at Amboy Crater

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DATE/TIME: Saturday, August 12th, 2017

INCIDENT: Search & Rescue of 2 Hikers

LOCATION: National Trails Highway / Amboy Rd, Amboy

VICTIMS: Kathie Barber, age 58 / Gen Miake , age 60 residents of Yorba Linda


SUMMARY: At approximately 1336 hours, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a call from Kathie Barber stating she was hiking with her husband since 1100 and became separated from him (husband later identified as Gen Miake). Kathie stated her husband had a heart condition and she was unable to find him. She also stated she was out of water.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department patrol helicopter 40King1 arrived at the location and met with Morongo Deputy Nathan Campos in a parking lot at the Amboy trail head. Deputy Campos was first on scene and stated he started a search and needed our assistance. The hiker’s car was parked in the trail head parking lot an d Deputy Campos could not tell what direction the hikers left in from the trail head.

The crew of 40King1 consisted of Deputy Pilot K. Henry and Deputy Flight Officer B. Heard. The crew of 40King1 started an aerial search and located both hikers matching the description Kathie provided when she called dispatch. Both subjects were approximately one to two miles east of the Amboy trail head and appeared unresponsive on the ground. The two hikers were approximately 100 yards from one another in the open desert with no shade. An offsite landing was conducted near the two hikers and Deputy Heard made contact with them. The outside air temperature was estimated to be 113 degrees at that time. The crew flew back to the trial head and picked up a member of the San Bernardino County Fire Department for a second assessment of the hikers. The crew flew back to the hikers and the fire department confirmed both hikers were deceased.

The crew of 40King1 requested the assis tance of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Air Rescue 307 to aid in the recovery of the two victims. The crew of Air Rescue 307 consisted of Deputy Pilot R. Conner, Deputy W. Hess, and medic J. Centeno. The crew of Air Rescue 307 arrived and assisted in the recovery of both victims. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Coroners Division also arrived and assisted with the incident. The Coroners Division confirmed the identity of the victims as Kathie Barber and Gen Miake.

Refer: Deputy Brad Heard

Stations: Aviation Unit / Coroner’s Division / Morongo Station/ San Bernardino County Fire

Phone No. (909) 252-4100

Case No. 091701131

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