Today is California’s Birthday

Drop in for the birthday party...

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Drop in for the birthday party…

This birthday is important because the natural and human history of the land represents one incredible story.

So it’s said <wink, wink> that human history in California began when indigenous Americans first arrived some 13,000–16,500 years ago.

We know that history of California can be divided into six epochs: the pre-human history; Native American period; European exploration 1542 to 1769; the Spanish colonial 1769 to 1821; the Mexican period, 1821 to 1848; and United States statehood, September 9, 1850.


– The only evidence of glaciation in southern California has been found in the San Bernardino Mountains, during the cold Pleistocene epoch (Ice Age), which lasted between 1.8 million years ago to  10,000 years ago. 

– All Hass avocados descended from a single tree in California, which was planted using unknown subspecies of avocado.

– The late-President of the University of California described the three purposes of a university are “To provide sex for the students, sports for the alumni, and parking for the faculty.”

– 8 of the top 10 cities with highest unemployment rates in America are in California.

– If you travel along Highway 99 in the San Joaquin Valley, you may notice squeezed into the median, a palm tree and pine tree planted next to each other at the midpoint of California. The palm tree signifies the entrance to Southern California, while the pine tree signifies the entrance to Northern California.

– Between 1909 and 1964, more than 20,000 people in California were declared “unfit to propagate” and were forced to be sterilized against their will for “race betterment”. – Source

– The movie industry is based in Hollywood because movie makers were trying to get away from Thomas Edison. He had patents covering virtually the entire movie making process. – Source

– The location of the world’s tallest tree, Hyperion, standing at 379 feet, is kept a secret, and is hiding somewhere in California – Source

– The entire coastline of California is a national monument, promising permanent cllipperconservation and ensuring there will not be new oil drilling within 12 nautical miles of the mainland.

 – Until 1974, Banks would usually refuse to issue a credit card to a woman unless she was married and her husband co-signed for the card. A divorced woman was considered too much of a risk because she “couldn’t keep a marriage under control.” – Source

The San Francisco Weekly published 50 reasons why California is (alleged) the best state.

I can’t say we live in ‘the best’ state, but I like it.








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