Not Your Grandfathers Democrat Party

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This is not your grandfathers Democrat party. Today, the party would not nominate John F. Kennedy for president. In the past there were social disagreements between the parties, but not the cultural civil war raging today. We are in a fierce battle for the heart and soul of America as founded.

Conservatives peaceably endured eight years of political pain during the Obama regime, yet today’s Democrats are having temper tantrums and barking at the moon over the Trump victory. They are attempting to remove a duly elected president from office and undermine his presidency with manufactured crimes. Never has a president been more demonized, vilified, disrespected, misrepresented and ridiculed than Donald Trump.

No president in history has accomplished more in his first 500 days than Donald Trump. By cutting taxes and regulations the American economy is rapidly rebounding. Something Obama said was impossible. Unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics is at an all time low. Rocket man is no longer testing missiles or nuclear weapons.

America is once again respected because of an America first president that means what he says. Why do Democrats have a problem standing up for America and revitalizing our economy? The main stream media is not news, but a propaganda machine for the Democrat party. The biased media never mentions Trumps accomplishments, but take every opportunity to undermine his presidency.

That a lying, cheating, treasonous, corrupt, megalomaniac harpy like Hillary Clinton won the popular vote is a serious indictment of the Democrat party. There was a time when we all loved our country. What happened to Democrats?

There are powerful sinister forces that have made their home in the Democrat party and environmental movement. They are the globalists, aka the new world order, that have been working for generations to destroy America. Their stated goal is to establish a one world government under their control. To erase all borders and National sovereignty the way they are destroying Europe. The U.S. Constitution, the document that made America an exceptional country must be destroyed. Communist Russia is their model government. The transformation of America to a third world socialist quagmire is taking place with full support of the Democrat party.

They have taken control over the media, entertainment, our schools and universities and the institutions that made America great. Our young people are taught to hate the country of their birth. That America is the problem in the world and became a great nation by looting other countries. That the First Amendment only applies to politically correct speech. That capitalism is based on greed and injustice, while socialism is fair and just.

Free market capitalism provides the highest standard of living for the greatest number of people. It works every time it’s tried. Socialism destroys freedom because an all powerful central government is required to administer it. Social justice means we all share equally in scarcity and misery. Socialism fails whenever it’s tried.

Perhaps it should be a requirement for college students to live in a socialist country for six weeks before receiving their diploma. How about Cuba or Venezuela? They would run home to America and kiss the ground. The problem at the border is from people fleeing socialist regimes and this is what the Democrats want for us.

The corruption in Washington, orchestrated by the globalists is greater than anyone imagined. America is the last domino and only president Trump can save America from the globalists. For him to succeed the Democrats must lose elections. Democrats need to examine why they are Democrats. Perhaps they will discover the party has left them.

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