Stop Slavery in the Prisons and leave the Monuments alone.

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Tearing down Monuments? Erasing History? Is that what you’re after? Are you doing this because it attracts national and international attention?

Why don’t you help get blacks out of prison? Wrongfully convicted, sentences’ that might not fit the crime. Any number of reasons why the majority of prisoners are black males. At least stop them from being used as slave labor, do something really worthwhile.

Prison, the new slavery! Do some research and tell me what percentage of the prison population is black males?
Research what companies are putting that prison population to work at slave labor pay?

I guess it is news to see Confederate monuments taken down. I guess you can see yourselves with your 15 minutes of fame. Do you know why we had a civil war? If you think it was because of slavery, you don’t know your history. Sure, that may have sparked the disagreement between the North and the South but the war was over the right of the South to secede from the Union. Had the South won I guess we believe that slavery, as it was back then, would still be alive today. Is that what you believe? Get real!

Wake up, slavery is alive! It is just hiding in a different place or places.

The prison population is working as slave labor, they either work or they get treated badly, as if being in prison wasn’t bad enough. I’m not saying it should be a cake walk but I am saying that the prison system is using its prisoners as low paid slave labor, way lower than minimum wage, and farming that labor out to companies to use. Guess this is how we compete with China on labor costs.

I guess there isn’t any glamour in helping stop real Slave labor, no, it is more glamorous to tear down civil war monuments. Does that really stop slavery?

If you think that people see those monuments as pro slave symbolism, educate them. They are not pro slave symbols, our prisons are.

Get to work, not to Glamour!

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