Sentinel: Twentynine Palms Latest SBC City Being Forced To Accept Ward Systems

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Twentynine Palms has been included in the rash of San Bernardino County’s cities being threatened with legal action if a demand that future city council elections be changed from at-large to district-based is not met. And it appears, at least tentatively, that city officials there will knuckle under to the pressure.

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Twentynine Palms was recently served with a letter saying it was in violation of the California Voters Rights Act. If the city does not comply with a notice of intent to form electoral districts within 90 days, according to the letter, legal action will ensue.
The city has hired a demographer to determine its racial/ethnic mix. Council members will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, October 24 for their regularly scheduled meeting, at which they will consider action with regard to changing city council elections from at-large to district based.


The most recent demographic information on Twentynine Palms available to the Sentinel dates from 2012. It shows that 67.05 percent of the city’s population is white; the black or African-American population is 9.26 percent; the American Indian and Alaskan native population is 1.26 percent; the Asian population is 6.85 percent; and the Hispanic population is 21.83 percent.

Twentynine Palms is next scheduled to have a municipal election in November 2018, at which point the council posts now held by Dan Mintz, John Cole and McArthur Wright will be up for election.

For the history of the California Voting Act lawsuits and full story, this Link:  –Mark Gutglueck, editor and Publisher S.B. Sentinel

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