Seniors get your $10 Lifetime National Park Pass before the price goes up

Press Release August 11, 2017 Johnson Urges Seniors to Quickly Take Advantage of $10 Lifetime Pass

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Lake Havasu City, AZ – Supervisor Buster Johnson would like to inform the public that the National Park Service’s America the Beautiful – Senior Lifetime Pass will be raising from $10 to $80 starting August 28th.
“The current $10 lifetime pass is a great deal for seniors, and I encourage anyone who has not taken advantage of this offer to do so before the deadline in a few weeks,” Supervisor Johnson stated.  “The Senior Pass gets you into all National Parks and even offers discounts on lodging in some,” Johnson continued.
The Senior Pass provides lifetime admission for U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 years of age and older.  The pass admits pass owners and passengers on bicycles or in a non-commercial vehicle at per-vehicle fee areas and also the pass owner plus three adults, not to exceed four adults, where per-person fees are charged. Pass holders can gain admission in to all parks operated by the National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The Senior Pass may provide a 50 percent discount in some parks on some amenity fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, swimming, boat launch, and specialized interpretive services.
The U.S. Congress passed legislation in December of 2016 requiring the Senior Pass to be the same price as the Interagency Annual Pass.  The legislation also introduced a new Annual Senior Pass, which can be purchased for $20, and the purchase of those over four years can be traded in for a lifetime pass after year four at no additional charge.
For those interested in purchasing the $10 Senior Pass, you must do it before August 28th.. You can do so at select parks, such as the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.  Passes can also be purchased online for an additional $10 processing fee.  Those interested can go to:
The National Parks Service has announced that due to the high demand for the Senior Pass, passes will be received approximately 12 weeks after they are purchased. While recipients wait for the pass to arrive in the mail, they may use the emailed order confirmation as proof of pass purchase. At staffed park locations, individuals will also be required to present a government-issued photo ID.
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Thank you Grove Crank for bringing this item to our attention.

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9 Responses to Seniors get your $10 Lifetime National Park Pass before the price goes up

  1. I want to thank Grove Crank for submitting this article….. This morning my wife and I went online and purchased our cards. There was a $10 additional processing fee for each card.

    Why I haven’t bought one before is beyond me….

    We are going to remind seniors to get there acts together and order up their cards before the 28th… This is a one time opportunity at getting to the man for you old hippie types.

    • August 13, 2017 at 2:49 pm

      Went to the Park Headquarters visitors center in 29 today to get mine and was told I could get it at the west end visitors center in Joshua Tree.

  2. August 13, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    We are truly at the end of the road.

  3. Going online was simple and sure. The few buck it cost for them to do the handling of the paperwork is worth the extra 10 bucks.

    Just think in a few weeks you’ll be ab;e to use the card for discounts through out the federal system.

    We are going to use it to get discount AMTRAK Tickets.

  4. September 15, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    It’s 9/15/2017 and I don’t have my pass in 30 days. Dan, have you gotten yours?

    • September 16, 2017 at 11:50 am

      Got it in the mail today. Close enough.


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