ua-9539515 Yucca Valley To Institute Permit Requirement & Fees On Short Term Rentals

The town has roughly 200 residences that are rented out any weekend to outsiders.

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It wasn’t too many years ago when Cactusthorns took up this very subject before the City of 29 Palms. Back then we won with the facts that Vacation Home Rentals are a community nuisance. They still remain a community nuisance but an ordinance was past last year allowing them in 29 Palms. This time it was the upper crust and the absentee landlords who patted the each others asses and our local council for eventual approval.


In a move certain to drive a further wedge between Yucca Valley residents and absentee landowners there, the town government last month approved a resolution that now imposes on the owners of residences rented out as vacation homes a requirement that they apply for a $270 permit every two years and pay the same taxes imposed on hotels.

The fee, town officials said, is to defray the cost of the town hiring a private company to monitor the properties, enforce codes and de

Simultaneously, the city entered into a contract with San Francisco-based Host Compliance LLC to monitor vacation rentals.

It appears that Host Compliance LLC will carry out that assignment remotely from San Francisco, using computer software and Internet data to keep tabs on all known vacation rentals in the town, monitoring them for compliance with the town’s codes, and informing rental unit owners of any noted violations with a notice to bring the properties into compliance. Host Compliance will keep town management abreast of the circumstance through monthly reports in the cases where no violations are observed and every week in those situations where a violation has been noted. Continue, You got to read more of this article…..

These Vacation home rentals are really tough to monitor, 10 years ago the Wine Country gave it a go and within a few years repealed the law. They figured it out, now the outlanders have moved the scam to the Morongo Basin.

I am glad to see the Town of Yucca Valley attempt to get a handle on this before it gets out of hand.

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