Robyn Karma: Yucca Valley Medical Marijuana Ban

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Preface: The planning commission yesterday held a public hearing to discuss the town’s embargo on medical marijuana and the use of the plant as recreational use became legal under Proposition 64. Commissioners are planning another public discussion on May 9, 2017. Cannabis Extract is now Legal to Buy and Ship without a prescription or recommendation in All 50 States.

Robyn Karma Yucca Valley
March 15 at 4:21 am

They are planning another meeting at 57090 Twenty nine Palms Hwy [Town Hall] in Yucca Valley  on May 9th at 6 pm about the medical marijuana.

Please [attend] if you think we should be able to have a dispensaries and deliveries and grow in Yucca.

We need you to voice your opinions. If you use it to help with medical issues we need you there to tell them.

With our bus system [MBTA] a lot of us cannot get to Desert Hot Springs to get to the dispensaries. And the people that deliver are limited on what they have.

Plus most delivers you have to buy at least $40 to have them deliver which not all of us have. Please make your voice heard.


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2 Responses to Robyn Karma: Yucca Valley Medical Marijuana Ban

  1. Robyn Karma Yucca Valley
    Robyn Karma Yucca Valley March 15, 2017 at 10:24 am

    When updated town regulations are finalized to address newly developed California codes will the embargo and blanket ban be unfriendly toward Americans with Disabilities, seniors, cancer patients and veterans whom choose to use safe, legal herbal plant medication?

    Most likely the answer is yes. The few will restrict the legal rights of herbal medication in the outback desert town of Y. V. — just because they can — based upon group think biases, neoconservative prejudices, misguided religious fundamental values, outdated rigid beliefs and, most importantly of all — pure ignorance of the safe medical value of this plant.

    It’s better to expand opportunities and public liberties as opposed to repressive restrictions on the rights and privileges of residents and citizens.

  2. Jeff Sessions November 26, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Here is something that the “Calvary Christian Fellowship” City Council has NOT made know to the citizens of Yucca Valley; by NOT allowing MMJ or Adult Use Retail Sales or outdoor growing of Cannabis for adult use and Medical Marijuana State Card holders THE CITY GETS NO SHARE OF REVENUES generated in the State. To quote; “The Board shall not make any grants to local governments which have banned the cultivation, including personal cultivation under Section 11362.2(b)(3) of the Health and Safety Code [outdoors upon the grounds of a private residence], or retail sale of marijuana or marijuana products”


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