Adam Baum is a shadowy cyber presence. It's logical to question Baum's legitimacy even though he denies he is not Russian troll.

Rebuttal to “Censorship At high Desert (sic) Publishing”

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Adam Baum was booted out of The Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail for aimless profanity and unprecedented off-topic personal attacks.

He refused to agree to the paper’s Terms and Conditions of Use, but he posted anyway.

Adam Baum’s opinion piece in Cactus Thorns is pure drama, hyperbole and fiction.

He violated the HI-Desert Star’s terms with every comment. And Baum made only a few comments in the paper.

Adam Baum was accused of being a Russian Troll by someone posting comments to stories in the Hi-Desert Star.

Such individual comments in the HDS revealed there is a Russian troll using the name Adam Baum.

Mr. Baum denies he is that notorious Russian troll known as Adam Baum.

I do not know if Mr. Baum is a Russian troll; there are thousands of them embedded in Facepage and media platforms across the country.

However, I am not convinced Mr. Baum is a fellow resident or an American.

Read his rhetoric and propagandized personal attacks.

It’s a  tale told by an idiot signifying nothing.

Adam Baum comments just don’t connect well to the provincialism and jargon used by the rest of people commenting in local social media, or the HDS.

Baum uplifts Jewish and German issues, and Baum puts down ordinary Americans while seeding discontent. That is his theme: spreading discontent.

On another issue, if someone told Dan O’Brien that  he or she would not would not agree to  CT’s Terms of Use, I think Dan would say take a hike.

Baum completely and clumsily mischaracterized everything.

At times, I’ve been critical of the DT and HDS for what I felt were journalistic issues.

However, given Baum’s misrepresented bullshit attack I defend the paper’s editors because they usually let everything pass but for egregious violations of the standards a paper must project.

Mr. Baum’s comments were indecent and the local papers is not really the place for that.

FWIW, anyone can read the comments in the DT or HDS.

Search this individual comments on the HDS platform. He has made only a few comments.

People can make their own decision about Adam Baum.

In reading the HDS hot issue political comments — there is little doubt that all sides have a voice.

The editors do not censor people because they are conservative Republicans or liberals Democrats. Quite the opposite.

You will find conservative folks have a big voice in the comment area of the paper. More often than not it’s off-topic avoidance of the issues.

Branson Hunter


wolf    BTW, “Soy Boy” doesn’t eat soy. It’s tainted and altered genetically. IF you like soy, your favorite meal will be flavored with portions of  glyphosate.  

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