Residents facing upheaval in power and politics are clambering for better media coverage

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hierarchyMORONGO BASIN COMMUNITIES – The change in the way we vote will upheaval the local power structures of 29 Palms, Yucca Valley and the local school district.

Z107.7 FM this morning published a story on their news page. It is very informative and educational.

The time is ripe for the Hi-Desert Star get off their duff and promote free speech of the press? The public expect better reporting. That’s the real American way we all deserve, but are not getting.

Both print and broadcast media fall short on responsibly report on the upheaval facing power and politics in our neck of the woods. It one of the greatest stories in the Morongo Basin.

It would behoove the broadcast news director and editors of local print media to take an editorial stand on some of the most serious issues face local government.

Is editorializing or examining the impact that district voting will have on power and politics too risky for local radio and print media?  Is the risk of offending friends or strain professional ties that go back three decades too great?

Isn’t it time for the Hi-Desert Star to do its part and engage in the exercise of freedom of the press? That means to examine critically. It means taking a position at times in local government to better serve and inform the public.

It requires both local news orgainzation to be a free press. Many local citizens spent some of the most difficult years of their lifes serving our country so the free press could do their jobs.

So why aren’t they?

Responsible reporting by a free press — free from government influence — is missing from the Desert Trail, the Hi-Desert Star, and the local radio station.

Below are excerpts from todays local radio news story:


Posted on November 10, 2017 by Z107.7 FM

Excerpt: The 29 cities that have fought the change to district-based elections have all lost in court, and have been forced to pay Shenkman’s legal fees, which in the case of the city of Palmdale, was $4.5 million.

Excerpt: Morongo Basin School District School Board Member, Proudfoot said Shenkman’s threat of a lawsuit is legalized extortion, “Do it or else.” Proudfoot said even if the school board goes to the single-seat districts, Shenkman will collect a $30,000 legal fee from the school district and every other city or district he has threatened to sue.

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