Red Brennan Group: Sups reject County Fire’s request for increased property taxes to $161.98

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From: Tom Murphy – Tue, Jun 11, 2019 3:14 pm
Subject: A Solid Win in Today’s FP-5 Skirmish


I want to thank each of you, along with the folks on your distribution list, for contacting your Supervisors concerning FP-5.

The motion approved by the Board today was a pretty solid win for voters and landowners in the unincorporated areas. The item before the board, as written would have 1) increased the tax 3% to $161.98 and 2) placed the FP-5 tax on the 2019/2020 tax roll. Essentially, it would have been the coup de grace in the FP-5 process.

Rather than approve the motion as presented, Supervisor Rutherford immediately presented a separate motion, which was approved with modifications from Supervisor Rowe. I will need to review the tapes of the meeting as it was difficult to hear some of the discussion (more about that later.) However, the essentials of the approved motion are:

Supervisor Rutherford’s motion:

FP-5 tax goes on the 2019/2020 tax roll.
County staff has 90 days to bring multiple options on how to fund County Fire
Supervisors decide which of the recommendations to place before the voters some time prior to January 1, 2021.

FP-5 sunsets after the vote and the solution approved by voters is implemented.
Supervisor Rowe’s amendment:

Disallowed the 3% increase for 2019/2020 (You will see a $157.26 FP-5 charge on your 2019 property tax rather than $161.98.)

Requires county staff to provide a variety of background material to justify claims associated with the solutions they will present in 90 days.

Supervisor Lovingood proposed a motion that would have been a grand-slam but did not garner a second on his motion.

Put fire funding to a Prop 218 vote
Keep county fire on the general fund

Bottom line – The Red Brennan Group appreciates that your calls, emails and conversations with the supervisors resulted in a path to an actual vote for residents, rather than the protest process charade associated with FP-5.

Please THANK YOUR SUPERVISORS! During the entire FP-5 discussion, there were two large groups from local unions demonstrating in and around the county complex. The cheers/chants associated with the demonstrating were just fine. However, when the demonstrators started pounding on the windows of the chamber, the board had to recess. I think there was concern the windows might break, and it was sufficiently noisy in the chambers to keep people from hearing the discussion. So please let your supervisors know you appreciate their service. And thank them for providing a path to an actual vote on the issue.


Tom Murphy

The Red Brennan Group

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