Purple Heart Trial: Shane Ladner convicted of 6 of 7 charges

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May 3rd, 2017 by MOTHAX

I’ve been covering this for a while now, and wrote about it earlier this week, but in case you missed that, here’s a brief synopsis of the controversy:

The background is fairly simple.  Shane Ladner claimed he received a Purple Heart in Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama.  After service he got a job as a police officer, and started getting purple heart license plates.  A few years ago there was a wounded warrior type hunt in west Texas, and Shane and his wife Meg attended, based on his purple heart.  Tragically a train hit a parade float they were riding on, and Meg lost her leg.

That’s when things got weird.  Turns out that Ladner was still in High School during Just Cause.   Then he changed is story to say that he was injured in Top Secret counter narcotics missions, although why they would take a 20 year old MP fresh out of basic training made no sense.

Because Shane lied on his police applications, and because he got the free license plates, he was charged with a host of charges.

Well, the verdict is now in, and it didn’t go well for Shane:

If you are interested, you can watch the entire decision here, which is 30 minutes long and has them polling each juror. It’s mostly interesting if you ever wondered how a court was actually run:


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