Proposed cannabis law will mandate 4 dispensaries in Morongo Basin

Vintage Yucca Valley

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vintage ycca valley
Vintage Yucca Valley
Updated – AB 1356 AMENDED IN ASSEMBLY MAY 16, 2019

YUCCA VALLEY⇔TWENTYNINE PALMS – Opening up Cannabis markets in the Morongo Basin may be a welcome reality for a majority of voters who “made clear the importance of access to cannabis products.”

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29 vote

Courtesy of San Bernardino:  local voting total for Prop. 64 – Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley


It may also be welcomed by tourists, travelers, JTNP park goers, visitors, and tens of thousands whom come to the area for the numerous highly successful concerts, art shows and the incredibly growing Joshua Tree Retreat Center’s activities.

Since November, 2016 Cannabis in California has been legal for medical  and adult  recreational with the passage of Proposition 64. 

Meanwhile, 29 Palms and Y.V. (and 77 % of  California cities) have dishonored the citizens of California, and the democratic principle of majority rule. 

Yucca Valley, 29 Palms and other California city councils restricts all marijuana commerce related activities even though “Prop. 64 was intended to replace the illicit marijuana market with a legal system that would grant Californians safe access to cannabis products.”

That all may change since AB 1356 — authored by Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) — “would require local jurisdictions to approve one on-site cannabis retail license (dispensary) for every four liquor licenses, or distribute one license for every 10,000 residents, whichever number is smaller.”

Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Robert Baca said, “AB 1356 could help authorized cannabis suppliers compete with the illegal market.”

The law would only apply to cities and counties where the majority of voters cast their ballots in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis.

So does this apply to 29 Palms and Yucca Valley?

Twentynine Palms would thus be mandated to license 2 dispensaries because it has a  population at least 26, 542 (2017).

Yucca Valley would be mandated to license 2 dispensaries because it has a population of at least 21,748 (2017).

Note that “AB 1356 would require a two-thirds majority in both houses, since it would amend the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.” — Sacramento Business Journal.

That may be good news for the seated local Twentynine Palms Councilmembers who have no qualms with manifestly restricting the legal right and privileges of the majority if voters.

But it may be bad news for Yucca Valley Councilmembers who are okay with  on-going suppression of individual and legal freedom of the majority of voters. It may be bad for them because the bill passed the Assembly Business and Professions Committee on a 12-7 vote last month.

Assemblymember Ting said, “This bill will ensure the legal market can succeed.” He added: “It will ensure that those who choose to use cannabis will be treated equally regardless of where they live”

By Branson Hunter

Endnote: A veterans advocacy Organization supports AB 1356. Here is why:

“Despite voters approving Prop. 64, there are cannabis deserts across the state where veterans and patients have to drive long distances to a licensed shop,” said Aaron Augustis, founder of Veterans Cannabis Group, an advocacy group comprised of veterans who use medical cannabis. “We served our country and want to work with our local cities, counties, and state governments to ensure our veterans have safe access across the state to medicinal cannabis. AB 1356 is crucial for veterans’ access.”

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2 Responses to Proposed cannabis law will mandate 4 dispensaries in Morongo Basin

  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter May 7, 2019 at 6:35 am

    “Today, I don’t just stand here as a member of this body but as a voice for thousands of people in this state that are too sick to function or that live in constant, debilitating pain.”
    —Democratic state Representative Eddie Lucio III. The Brownsville legislator authored House Bill 1365, which would expand the list of conditions that allow Texans to use medical marijuana​.

  2. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter May 25, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Updated – AB 1356 AMENDED IN ASSEMBLY MAY 16, 2019


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