Over 350K Facebook users signed on to ‘storm’ Area 51

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It’s not so irrational that people want to know some of the many secrets Area 51 holds.

“Today” reported early this morning (ET 1:29 am) that over 379,000 people have signed on to a Facebook event pledging to raid Area 51.

“Time” ran with a lead, “‘They Can’t Stop All of Us.’ Thousands Sign Petition to Invade Area 51 to Find Those Aliens.

Some petitioners have stated that “if they start a caravan, much like the one traveling through Central America, Area 51 will not be able to arrest and detain this many people.”

Good luck folks…. be aware that the US military will defend Area 51 like it was the DMZ.

Heads-up, this Administration is so brazen and embolden it would foreseeable order the area to be a kill zone for mass breaches of off-limits areas.

What is out there, and what secrets are they to be discovered in subterranean complexes?

The advanced technology for public use would be a quantum leap for humankind. So we are told by insiders, whistle blowers, and reverse engineering scientists.

One crazy lad called Zach Combie is embedded just outside the Area 51 vicinity streaming live on Facebook.

Combie hasn’t a freaking clue on how to report anything. It appears that the lad has been smoking some sort super strain cloned Sativa cannabis, or maybe a more powerful chemical.

If the young man had more insight, the least of which he could do is to document the numbers of people showing (or not showing).

Interestingly, the event comes after the Pentagon has launching a new program for the military to report encounters with UFOs and after government-funded investigations into an unidentified aircraft.

There is a chance that the Area 51 invasion is just all in good fun.

Is Time and Today publishing a national story that contains much ado about nothing?

Branson Hunter

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