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Updated: We are all so tense and serious these days with events and things taking place around the world about which we have no control over. The feature photo, standing 26 feet tall, is the “Forever Marilyn” sculpture once made its home in Palm Springs. She will return home in Palm Springs soon.

Let’s chill for a moment with the following pictures. These are classic Google treasures. 

First, it’s been said that the three amigos on the Twentynine City Council  pander to the County of San Bernardino rather than actually represent the voters and public here in 29. To that end the below image is worth a 1000 words:



Second, this below photo ought not to be considered risqué. It is  clever photo-journalism (and funny). The caption to the photo says: “How do you breathe through that little thing??”



Third, how do you explain the insanity of doing this? This individual was pushing his luck. What’s worse is the bear is only getting a tiny nibble of food. Feed the bear that and it is going to want more.



Fourth, Mark Twain’s dog. The man like many of us loved dogs. How many times have we heard people say they like dogs better than people. I just heard that from a lady a week ago at the re-opened restaurant along SR 62 by Paradise neighborhood across the highway from Walmart.



Fifth, regarding Palm Springs’ last week draconian restrictions on the Second Amendment, this picture send a message to the anti-constitutional Palm Springs City Council. The message: The right to defend yourself and family in your home.



Six, this classic cigarette lighter belonged to a fallen American soldier. We started the war in Vietnam based upon lies and more lies (Gulf of Tonkin). What the F were we doing fighting those folks? France just failed in their war in Vietnam so we walked in their mistakes.  As Marine General Smedley D. Butler documented, “WAR IS A RACKET“. It is to profit and benefit the military industrial complex and the dark  Illuminati.



Seven, a rare photo of President Lincoln. Cute pompadour, eh?



Eight, what’s with the narcissistic selfie photo obsessions with the so-called millenniums –the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002?



Nine, the most intelligent and beautiful dog on planet Earth.



Ten, the public in no less than three POLLS have said they really don’t want to waste “PP” (Project Phoenix) money on another performing arts theater. Nor is a city center all-purpose structure worth spending millions on. Think beautification and infrastructure.




Eleven, weekends are too short. Right?



Twelve, watch the debates tonight at 6:00 p.m.



Thirteen, this man’s best friend cannot walk due to disabilities. Give the owner a T-shirt. Man should love or respect animals, not eat them.



Last photo. This is one happy family!


That’s all.



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