NO ON MEASURE “O school tax, yes on a half-cent sales tax initiative in 2020 election.

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Measure O is not a Bond, this is a deliberate misrepresentation to call it a Bond; it is the second targeted property tax this year.

The working poor and people who cannot buy property will have higher rent to pay, because that’s what happens when you target property for higher taxes.

Measures Y and Z were half-cent sales tax increases that the Town of Yucca Valley made to finance the sewer project and roads, put another measure like those so that everybody supports our schools, not just poor renters and property owners.

The reason they don’t want to make a real tax-free Bond initiative is because the last one is in debt and they can’t pay back investors.

NO ON MEASURE O, yes on a half-cent sales tax initiative in 2020 election.

New tennis courts, tracks and stadiums??? The heights of arrogance never cease to amaze me. Some folks will be forced out of their homes, others will need to move away, and yet more folks will have to do without, so that yet more luxury items can be added? NO, NO, NO! — Blayd 

By Nescient One 


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Bonds on the November ballot

  • $9 Billion total
  • $3 Billion for K-12 New Construction
  • $3 Billion for K-12 Modernization
  • $2 Billion for Community Colleges
  • $500 Million for Charter Schools
  • $500 Million for Career Tech
  • Funds under the current state facility program requiring a 50% local match

Current administrative/legislative proposal being drafted

  • Dollar figure has not been set yet (rumored amount $4-5 billion)
  • Funds the True Unfunded List ($375 million)
  • Changes the state building program only for this bond
  • Local match is a sliding scale (33/50/66 percent) based upon a formula of per pupil AV
  • A CSFA loan program will be funded if a district is out of local funds
  • Authorizes County Offices of Education to issue bonds
  • Precludes New Construction dollars for portables or determining district capacity
  • Requires a 5 year Master Plan that will feed a formula for eligibility
  • Threshold for requiring DSA review increased from $40,000 to $100,000
  • Raises bond indebtedness cap
  • Accountability would be through an annual audit
  • Eligibility based upon 5-year projection allowing a supplemental projection with valid final
    subdivision maps
  • Would establish Charter School apportionment process that parallels that established for
    school districts
  • Includes Community Colleges




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