No matter what you heard it is still illegal in San Bernardino Country.

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Don’t be surprised if our neighbors that are cultivating like they were Liggett and Myers Are quite possibly going to be busted harvest time. No matter what you might have heard the County Board of Supervisors have not changed their minds or lifted the ban on commercial cultivation of Marijuana.

In 2011, the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors adopted ordinance No. 4140 banning medical marijuana dispensaries and outdoor cultivation in the Count’s unincorporated areas, with a minor exemption for one or two people to cultivate their own cannabis indoors. It wasn’t then surprising that the Board of Supervisors moved in 2016 to ban all commercial cannabis activities within San Bernardino County with ordinance 4309 (now Chapter 84.34 of the County Code). Section 84.34.040 of this new ordinance provides for the following exemptions:

The prohibition concerning commercial cannabis activity does not apply to a person with an identification card cultivating cannabis for his or her personal medical use or to a primary caregiver cultivating cannabis for the personal medical use of no more than five specified persons with identification cards, subject to the following requirements:

(a) The cannabis is not sold, distributed, donated, or provided to any other person or entity.

(b) A primary caregiver may only receive compensation in full compliance with Health and Safety Code § 11362.765, subdivision

(c) Cultivation may only be conducted indoors at the private residence of the person with an identification card or the primary caregiver of the person with an identification card.

(d) Cultivation shall be limited to no more than:

(1) Twelve cannabis plants per person with an identification card or primary caregiver per private residence; and,

(2) An aggregate total of 24 cannabis plants per private residence when more than one person with an identification card or primary caregiver lives at the private residence.

Do not be surprised if we have Swat Teams dropping out of the sky, roped in by Helicopters during early morning raids. Think of it as modern day  Cowboys and Indians.

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