Move To Recall Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren Afoot

It's interesting to note that the allegations against Mayor Warren -- Fontana’s first woman and first African American mayor -- parallel the allegations that contributors in this blog have alleged against 29 Palms City councilmembers John Cole, Joel Klink and Dan Mintz in terms of subsidizing outside public entities with public funds; insure that the desires of special interests come before the needs of the residents; crime has seriously increased in the city; a lack of transparency; not performed duties with the best interests of taxpayers; and wasting public money.

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Allegations against Fontana Mayor Acquaneatte Warren parallel allegations leveled at three Twentynine Palms councilmembers.

Allegations against Mayor Warren are that she subsidization of the cities of Rialto, Colton and Redlands with public funds; she insure that the desires of special interests come before the needs of the residents of Fontana; hasn’t been completely transparent; and she has not performed her duties as mayor of Fontana with the best interests of her constituents in mind and she wastes taxpayers’ money.

The San  Bernardino Sentinel reports today:

Move To Recall Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren Afoot

A close-knit group of the people Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren represents is seeking to remove her from office. The core of Warren-recall advocates, calling themselves Inland Empire First, feel they have a particularly strong and convincing case to make against her. Over the years, she has made a number of questionable, indeed problematic, political alliances with figures outside the city, and has built her political machine within Fontana by engaging in political horse trading involving sponsoring and promoting candidates amenable to her political agenda and opposing others who retain favor with a sizeable percentage of the city’s population. She made an unsuccessful stab at attaining higher office a little more than six years ago, which exposed her vulnerability and brought her into close association with wealthy donors whose developmental or entrepreneurial agendas are at odds with a wide cross section of her constituents…

The Sentinel story includes a bio of Mayor Warren. The Sentinel’s repeated efforts to obtain from Warren comment on the recall effort against her, consisting of phone calls to her home and her City Hall office elicited no response by press time. Extended story by Carlos Avalos and Mark Gutglueck published in the SENTINEL, this Link.

The San Bernardino SUN reported a few days ago in a story by Jim Steinberg:

A group called the Inland Empire First PAC has filed papers seeking to recall Acquanetta Warren, Fontana’s first female and first African-American mayor.

The group says in its petition that Warren has “not performed her duties with the best interests of her constituents.”

Warren became mayor in 2010 and was re-elected in 2014. She was appointed to the Fontana City Council in December 2002 and elected in 2004 and 2008, according to the city’s website.

Among the group’s allegations:

• Warren has received political contributions totaling more than $100,000 to “insure that the desires of special interests come before the needs of the residents of Fontana.”

• She supported the subsidization of the cities of Rialto, Colton and Redlands with a police helicopter program. That program ended in 2016.

The petition also alleges that Warren supported “reckless residential and warehouse development.”

“This has downgraded quality of life, decreased neighborhood safety, overcrowded schools, increased traffic and increased air pollution,” said Karen Coleman, spokeswoman for Inland Empire First and a 60-year resident of Fontana.

The Sun also reports:

“We need to have transparency, integrity and respect for residents,” said Coleman, who is a volunteer at a senior center and member of the city’s parks and community services board. Coleman is also a member of the Fontana Women’s Club and the Fontana Democratic Club.

Extended story in The Sun this Link.



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