Morongo Valley: My son Dexter the tortoise is missing!

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Morongo Valley –  “If you see him, or see a tortoise that might be him, please contact me! Do not touch or try to move him unless in the road! Water stores are very important, especially in Dexter’s case.” 

Rawson Rd & Oskar Ln

What’s Going On In Morongo Basin – Dexter the tortoise missing
By Heather Pierce

I was reading a book for a while on the patio to unwind without checking on [Dexter].

I searched til sunset. No trace.

Heather Pierce, Morongo Valley

I need your help! 5/16/19, a horrific day in my history. Today I was robbed by a sore specimen of a human being piece of garbage.

People suck. But even worse than that, Dexter, my Desert Tortoise “ran” away.

Last seen on my property near Rawson Rd & Oskar Ln. He was resting beneath a rock, facing NW toward Cheyenne Trl. He typically does not wander far or fast, but so far I have not seen him anywhere. He is never outside unsupervised

Biographical of Dexter

Dexter is a male Desert Tortoise. He is about 42 years old. ~20 lbs. Born in the wilds of Jtree, raised by an uneducated tourist in captivity in Louisiana for most of his life. Relinquished to the Living Desert Zoo late in his life. Since then, he has readapted to his natural desert home well but is still reliant on mostly hand feeding and water. He had an ID of #15 on his back but it has faded off from burrowing. He just woke up from hibernation May 2nd. Perhaps he may have caught wind of a lady tortoise and that motivated him to move like a banshee to get to her. He lost a lot of weight this year’s brumation. He needs heavy water & food consumption to survive.

I know this is a total overload of information. But I miss my son! I hope he either found his lady friend or comes home soon. Please send me a message if you see him!!


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