Morongo Unified School District and Hi-Desert Cultural Center partner on new elementary school after school arts program

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Morongo Basin, CA — Morongo Unified School District (MUSD) and Hi-Desert Cultural Center (HDCC) are pleased to announce their partnership to offer elementary school students who qualify for tutoring the opportunity to experience “A Taste of Hi-Desert Culture” during this upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Elementary students who are in need of tutoring in English Language Arts or Math may stay after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to receive tutoring in their area(s) of weakness while also receiving exciting hands-on exposure to various art forms at an introductory level, including music, drama, and visual arts. This year-long tutoring portion of the program across all eleven MUSD elementary schools is federally funded through Title 1. The tutoring portion is staffed through MUSD, and the arts enrichment portion is developed and staffed through HDCC. Students in the program receive continual assessment for academic progress throughout the year.

As an integral part of educating the whole child, HDCC and MUSD are committed to providing a quality educational program by contracting for concurrent instruction, with the HDCC, to provide a curriculum for a variety of music, drama, and visual arts on a 12-week rotating basis for each area of art throughout the academic school year. The Hi-Desert Cultural Center is responsible for the arts enrichment portion – drawing on its many experienced professionals to create the course structure, providing the art supplies, instruments, and repertoire, and delivering the curricula with qualified, appropriately-screened arts faculty across their various fields of study.

Some of the curricula for this amazing program include introduction to musical elements with an emphasis on rhythm through the use of drums, percussion instruments, and flutophones. Introductory drama and acting elements will be taught as students work on proper stage presence and vocal projection. Introductory visual arts elements will be taught through the medium of drawing, where students will be able to demonstrate fundamental art elements including line, shape, and form. Throughout the program, students will receive hands-on experience and be able to demonstrate their own important artistic expression.

This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both MUSD and HDCC to our area’s students and their needs. Clearly, collaborating and partnering will provide our most important treasures with an exemplary tutoring program!


The Morongo Unified School District (MUSD) has more than 980 employees who provide quality educational services to over 8,200 students in the Southern California Mojave Hi-Desert, in San Bernardino County. Currently, MUSD has eleven elementary schools, two middle schools, two comprehensive high schools, one continuation high schools, two state preschool programs, and a special education preschool program. Striving to meet the needs of a diverse student body, the District provides a wide array of programs, including special education, English Language Learners Program, athletics, advanced placement, GATE, and many others. Learn more at:

With its multi-venue performing and visual arts centers located in Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley, California, the Hi-Desert Cultural Center (HDCC) is a 50+ year non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation (Federal Tax ID# 23-7425816) that serves as the regional performing and visual arts organization for the gateway communities of Joshua Tree National Park. The Cultural Center operates its own performance venues and produces award-winning professional live theater, concerts, art exhibits and galleries, festivals, the Joshua Tree Philharmonic symphony orchestra, an artist residency for veterans, an extensive educational arts and technology academy program for youth and adults, and more. It operates a significant financial aid and scholarship program so that no children are turned away from programs due to their socioeconomic situation. Learn more at:

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