Morongo Basin’s economy and 41 million American impacted by proposed national park fees?

Do we really need to treat America's children like they do not belong in their own country?

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National Park Fee Increases:  Friday is the deadline if you want to comment on the National Park Service’s proposal to raise vehicle entrance fees and camping fees by up to 180% at the nation’s most popular parks during peak visiting season.

Th unprecedented proposed increases are intended to reduce park usage, raise funds for park maintenance, and price millions of Americans and their children out of  national parks.

The proposed exorbitant fees will impact on Morongo Basin families, veterans, Americans with Disabilities and the 41 million Americans who live in poverty.

Many millions of working-class Americans and their children will be priced out of national park. Middle-class families and others will be unconscionable gouged for an outing or camping trip to national parks.

There is already a bill in Congress to fund park maintenance: The National Park Service Legacy Act of 2017 

Our country has a history of equality that protect all classes against oppressive government measures.

The public already is paying hefty taxes. In 2016,  Americans paid a total tax bill of $4.99 trillion in taxes. Congress needs to fund the The National Park Service Legacy Act of 2017.

FWIW, Congressmember Cook — who representing the Morongo Basis — is squarely behind the unprecedented and oppressive proposed park fees. Cook has not supported the National Park Service Legacy Act of 2017.

The honorable Congressman is all for funding a perpetual war machine, but not so much for keeping our national parks open for all Americans.

Given the nearly three million annual visitors to the Joshua Tree National Park, this has clearly created a bullish housing markets and spiced the local economic.

Lose all these tourists and visitors and all the welcome upticks in the economy and property values increases will foreseeable slump, thus impacting on existing and new investment futures.  It’s a chain reaction, everything is connected.

“There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm.” — Theodore Roosevelt Quotes – Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The California Attorney has stated that the proposed increases will create a national park for only “the wealthy”.  California and many other states are fighting these preposterous park increases on behalf of the public they represent.

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