Morongo Basin New Year wishes

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May we all have good health and financial stability during the New Year.  May the generosity and kindness in all of us flourish.

I would especially like to wish Edward Kingery a good year. He lives in Milwaukee along the Kinnickinnic River. I urge you take the 45 seconds it takes to discovers why I wish Mr. Kingery a good year. Here is the Link to this heartwarming and educational story that has gone viral.

It seems this blog has a long life. It’s been active for at least the 17 years during which I’ve lived in the desert. I am one (long-time) contributor, and I do not speak for the Blog.

Its originator, Wonder Valley resident and Cactus Thorns publisher Dan O’Brien, has kept the blog going for all these years for most anyone that has a story to tell or a bone to pick.

Dan has allowed me to post my stuff. I thank him for that, and I wish Dan and his family good health.

If you have a grip, write it down. Post it in this alternative media.

Finally I wish for common sense to prevail on the Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley councils

The respective councils are facing multi-million lawsuits, or given the option to convert to neighbor-ward voting district. Wouldn’t it be an incredible waste of taxpayers’ resources (about $6 million) to defend a lawsuit where other municipalities have failed, and where the other have voluntarily made the conversion. Either way – win or lose — taxpayers and both municipalities will be burdened with unspeakable attorney fees. Twentynine continues to beat the bushes for more money to pay for its multi-million downtown renewal project (former knows as Project Phoenix,) and it continues to pay for annually and exorbitant principal and interest on the city’s mega-millions in bond debt. Is the city going to shoot itself in the foot by raiding reserve funds to defend a very “iffy” lawsuit? Yucca Valley needs to better plan for the future. Both councils need to preserve public funds. Neighborhoods voting district is not any threat to taxpayers.  It is thought to be more of a democratic manner in which to comply with the voting rights act, and to run a city. Gosh forbid, how can it possible be sinister under district election for  council candidates to actually be able to canvas the neighborhoods in which they will be representing. Accountability will be more transparent.


Branson Hunter

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