Dan O'Brien


    • The appalling consequences of clearing almost 500 acres of desert habitat will be seen in our own skies and breathed in our own lungs. We live in a land of high winds and t […]


    I want to first say that this years 4th of July was a beautiful display of Patriotism and a great celebration of the 241st Anniversary  of our Declaration of Independence. The Fireworks were stunning. The W […]

    • Were all 11 vendors food vendors?

    • Larry, as you remember well, I fought this connection of the city funding the Chamber from the start. Money and a building all at city expense. Ridiculous!

      It is wrong and not a smart expenditure of tax dollars.

      The Chamber needs to live on its own. If it can’t then it will die. It is the free market.

      I have had an issue with the Chamber once it got involved in politics.

      Time for the city to cut the umbilical cord once and for all.