MCAGCC: There is not a coyote problem. There is a combat center problem

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The combat center’s killing fields of coyotes is unconscionable.  It is contrary to the science of physics, Quantum Mechanics and Buddhist philosophy.

Combat center commissioning of hunters in a lottery to shoot down coyotes on sight cannot be justified

Coyote sightings in the Morongo Basin are the lowest in 15 years.

The U.S. Marine Corps and the combat center’s mission is to bring about a peaceful world.  Why is it the commanding general is allowing the senseless killing fields on base?

It’s man against nature, it’s against the laws of science and it disrupts the cycle of life in the Morongo Basin to extermination coyotes.  It should be stopped.

It’s barbaric and cowardly to shoot coyotes with a hi-powered rifle like these sentient beings are so much trash. The combat center’s accusation that these sentient beings are “unnaturally inflated” cannot be support by the facts.

The online version of Hi-Desert Star is hosting an ongoing discussion titled “Marine base holds coyote hunt.” Many community members are up in arms.

Snakes and dog bites are the threat not coyotes

The MCAGCC doesn’t commission kill-happy thugs to eradicate snakes out here.  The base is unable to justify these acts against nature. Sentient conscious coyotes have souls (see below).  They are part of the “Circle of Life” in the Morongo Basin.  We don’t go around eradicating canines because they are seen in a neighborhood.

The MCAGCC community relations at all-time low

The combat center has a massive problem with community relations.  What is the commanding general of combat center doing about it?

They Marine base has annex, confiscated and bombed the better part of Johnson Valley OHV Camping & Recreation Area — the largest and most treasured area of its kind in the U.S.

They have removed approximately 450 endangered tortoises from that area for displacement.  Half of which we are told will not survive.  Now they are eradicating coyotes that migrate on base.

It is not uncommon for some Marines on base to hunt coyotes off base in BLM restricted area in Desert Heights.  My neighbor just called me and related that while he walking North of Pole Line he came across a very large and healthy dead coyote that had a head kill shot.  It was, said he, just rotting in the sun.  I have talked with a Marine who was sporting a hi-powered hunting prowling for coyotes in my area — where people walk.

Moreover, a few years back the military police Marines at the MCAGCC were violating the Posse Comitatus Act as stipulated in Government Code 18 U.S.C. § 1385.  MP’s were stopping all civilian vehicles on SR62 and conducting field sobriety test with the help of the local CHP.  After a world-wide news organization picked up the story, the intimidating and shaking down of motorist was stopped.

Shockingly and excitedly one young Marines graphically described his war crime in terms of his 105mm howersers was pointed at ground at women and children civilians. He seemed proud that body parts went flying all over the place. Make you wonder how this helps with community relations.

In addition there was the problem of Marines trapping Morongo Basin bobcat.  These beings were trapped on private and public lands, shot in cages.  They were gutted, skinned and exporting to lucrative Asian markets for fur clothing.

As well, there was the problem in Wonder Valley with errant aircraft buzzing homestead and dangerously errant low flying Marine aircraft in the Desert Heights area.

Even if assuming coyotes are “unnaturally inflated” as the combat center has guessed, there are humane ways to deal with this.  Dart guns with hypodermic devices can inject serum into the bodies of these conscious beings that render males or females incapable of reproducing.

The soul has a long memory

We have to reduce the suffering of all conscious creatures.  Until that is achieved we will continue to be a very troubled world dwelling in a constant state of war and worldwide human deprivation.

The doctrine and science of panpsychism — a theory that all matter has some form of consciousness — is that we have to reduce the suffering of all conscious creatures.” It is the belief in science that consciousness is everywhere. That it exists as a separate entity, outside of the brain.

Scientists who study Neuroscience, quantum mechanics and the Integrated Information Theory that deals with things like past lives and reincarnations are beginning to understand the truly promising fundamental theory that “consciousness is everywhere” and in everything.

We cannot see and perceive it with our senses. Conscience exists as a separate entity, outside of the brain. The theory states that any object with a phi greater than zero possesses consciousness.  This would mean that even protons are conscious beings, which wouldn’t be too far off considering that when you observe them at the quantum level, their behavior changes, almost as if they know they are being watched.

There is not a coyote problem

There is a combat center problem. Stop the unjustified and senseless slaughter of conscious sentient life forms. Cease the disruption the Morongo Basin cycle of life.

By Branson Hunter

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    Anonymous October 16, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Coyotes will be hunted as pests


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