Living in an All American Family

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If your family is like mine, this election has been a real pain in the ass. Feelings are hurt. Emotions are raw. The Family is held together by the thin threads of DNA only.

The minority of our family are Republican leaning and the rest are hard core Democrats. While we on the right were happy with the results, the others on the left, have fallen in to a deep and angry depression  bordering on WTF.

We have had 16 no make that  24 years of divisive Presidential Politics. Party has become more important than the People who Political Parties try to represent. Way way too many people are overboard over this election. It has become impossible to gather for a family event without Anarchy breaking out. Its got to stop.

Donald J. Trump is the legitimate and duly elected President Elect. He won the election playing by the rules. The rules we have elected Presidents for over 230 Years this Country. The rules set down in the United States Constitution. The Constitution that most of us in this town swore an Oath to in our youth.

You have to wonder, did we not elect the right guy? Trump is universally disliked by both GOP and DNC ruling classes. If the snobs of both Parties hate the SOB he must be the agent of change we are looking for. Can anyone actually not like the thought of draining the political swamp? Is there anyone who does not think we could have a leaner and more efficient Federal Government?

Like it or not for the next four years for sure Mr. Trump is our President. I am hoping that no one in the Family is picked up by the Secret Service or given an all expense paid vacation to Guantanamo Bay.

Two More days to go….. Love you all.





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