Life’s Little Joys or Boy do I need a job….

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Roadrunners….. What better parents can one have that would kill for their kids?

For several years we have befriended a marathon of Roadrunners. Mom Roadrunner is feed by hand by my wife at least twice daily…  At the present moment Mom roadrunner has a teenage chick to feed and has no time to waste. The supplemental hamburger make for a little less stress in the Race.

Our yard is a haven for the Desert creatures as we provide a bale of Alfalfa, 75 lb of scratch and 50 lb of mash per month. In the morning I feel like it’s a scene out of Snow White, less the dress and music, and I hope a bit more manly too, I hope, I feed the wild herbivores inches from my feet. I have desert and ring-necked doves along with feral Pigeons flying over head as a give the Rabbits special treats, while  my wife feeds the Roadrunners out on the front porch.

Back to the roadrunner family. I can tell you right now after long observation, roadrunners make the best parents. Both mom and dad mate for life. Both set on the egg. Both feed the fledge until it is time to fish or cut bait.  The young seem to stick around for a free meal until they are a year or so old. Mom and dad will eventually run them off out of their territory. But until then new and older fledges are lovingly cared for by the mated pair.

They feed mainly on small animals including insects, spiders (including black widows), tarantulas, scorpions, mice, small birds, and especially lizards and small snakes. Venomous serpents, including small rattlesnakes, are readily consumed. With so many roadrunners on the property, we seldom see a lizard let alone snake.

Alas, I am resigned… this is my life… parlaying our social security on buying animal feed and chubs of hamburger to feed the wild animal… Pretty pathetic come to think of it.

I need a job…..


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One Response to Life’s Little Joys or Boy do I need a job….

  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter July 9, 2018 at 5:47 am

    Outstanding local story. Well written and informative. I step out the front door and look to the East, I see Wonder Valley in all it’s spark and splendor. I look east as far as the imagination will take you. Not many roadrunners here in my neck of the woods. Many lizards dwell out here near Giant Rock Rd. and Canyon Rd. While working in the front area, two lizards seemed to be mates. They actually follow when I moved to another close area. Next day, both were out there in their territory. Same two reptiles. Back area, one very large lizard was greeted every day. Same lizard. This fellow’s name was shakey. I love those little people… well… they surely are not people. But they are intelligent life forms. I haven’t hiked since my dog was put in her final resting place. So I don’t really know what’s all out there this year.


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