Liberals and Communists are Masters Of Deceit

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has not been this divided since the Civil War because our country is
under vicious assault by an alien ideology called communism. They
have corrupted the institutions that made America great and have
control over education, entertainment and the national mainstream
media which is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Everything
that comes from the MSM is a manufactured illusion designed to
deceive. It’s sad to hear liberals parrot lies spewed by the
mainstream media.

communists have made their home in the Democrat Party and the
environmental movement. Democrats argue that socialism isn’t
communism despite following the teachings of Karl Marx who invented
it. It’s no longer the Democrat party of John F. Kennedy, but the
party of Karl Marx. Socialism is the gateway to communism. The agenda
of the left is to convert America into full blown communism. To be a
Democrat today you must abandon intelligent thought, believe all the
nonsense and lies, hate America as founded, and despise the president
and his supporters.

disturbing that so many Americans fall prey to an ideology that wants
to deprive them of freedom, destroy capitalism, reinvent our
founding, and rally behind nonsense like manmade global warming and
gun control. Socialism has a special appeal to those who desire
government to take care of their every need, think for them, and
punish those who have more than they do.

justice means we will share equally in scarcity and misery. Freedom
is destroyed because an all powerful central government is required
to administer it. Socialism is a control system rather than an
economic system. Government will micro manage every aspect of your
life, job or business. They will decide what you can and cannot say.
With political correctness we are almost there. Donald Trump is
demonstrating that capitalism is far superior to socialism and is
pushing back against the liberal agenda causing Democrats to go
insane and foam at the mouth.

many parents would sit down with their kids and tell them their world
is going to end in twelve years and they will be dead? Yet, this is
what children are taught in schools, universities and by the media.
U.S Representative Alexandra Ocasio Cortez laments that the world
won’t last long enough for her to experience raising a family.
Someone had to teach this poor young girl the nonsense she believes.
No wonder our young people are suicidal. Young people need to look
forward to their future, their goals, their dreams and enjoy their
youth, not told they are going to die in twelve-years by hooplehead
liberals and communists. The climate hoax is a sinister form of child
abuse and supporters should be ashamed of themselves.

global warming hoax is brilliant and you have to give the commies
credit for coming up with such a masterful deception. It’s the
perfect weapon to destroy capitalism and replace it with socialism.
To save the planet we must ban fossil fuels that are the life blood
of our capitalist economy. Why have so many bought into this
nonsense? The climate hoax allows aimless people to add meaning to
their otherwise meaningless lives by crusading to save the planet.
Note: A consensus of scientists is not science.

every shooting the Democrats blame law abiding gun owners, the Second
Amendment, and the NRA. The Second Amendment isn’t about deer
hunting. It’s about having weapons to defend our country, our
community and our homes against tyranny and whatever threat comes our
way. The best weapon is a semi-automatic center fire rifle with large
capacity magazines. Socialism is a control system, not an economic
system, and not compatible with an armed citizenry. That’s the real
reason they want your guns, to make America safe for communism.
Wouldn’t the freedom fighters in Hong Kong like to have an arsenal
of AK-47’s.

recently banned armed citizens in their stores, even those with carry
permits. Way to go Wallyworld, you placed your customers at risk by
providing a safe zone for nut jobs and terrorists.

is a hallmark of the left. The strategy is to accuse your enemy of
being what you are. It’s the oldest commie trick in the book. The
only crime Donald Trump committed was winning the election. Yet, the
left spent over two years demonizing Trump over the Russia hoax while
Democrats actually did what they accuse Trump of doing. They want to
impeach Trump for crimes they committed.

after day the mainstream media accuses Trump of being a fascist, a
dictator, a liar, a racist, a Nazi, a person with no respect for the
rule of law, a person who is destroying American values and a person
destroying the constitution. This is exactly who the socialist are
and what they are attempting to do. They drivel on about how no one
is above the law, yet the Hildebeast is still roaming free. They cry
baby about Trump and obstruction of justice while Hillary deleted
33,000 subpoenaed e-mails without consequence. The Democrats hate
Trump voters and supporters as much as they hate Trump.

will always be an America, but what kind of America will it be? Will
we continue living in the sweet land of liberty, or will we live
under the iron fist of a tyrannical government. A woman was asked how
her country was taken over by tyrants without ever firing a
shot.”That’s easy” she replied “We elected them!” America
has proven it can survive most any trauma, but what it can’t
survive is a brain dead electorate that supports the Democrat party.

lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

goal of socialism is communism.”

Ilyich Ulyanov (AKA Lenin)

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