Latest Form 700s show some comply and others don’t

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We received Larry Brigg’s FPPC Form 700 Today. We were pleasantly surprised at how complete and forthcoming Larry is in this required Government Document. He has provided more than I would have ever asked of him. Thank you Larry for giving us all an in depth view into your private financial and real estate interests. Kudos to Larry Briggs.

Larry’s Form 700


On the other hand we also received The Reverend MacArthur Wright’s Form 700. Reading it  you will soon realize he has not given any information other than a cover page. He shows no means of support, no livelihood, no property, or no investments. The guy gives us nothing. Does he have something to hide?

Wright’s Form 700



The city clerk and city manager are noted for their good faith compliance with all of Cactusthorn’s requests for public documents pursuant to the California Public Records Act.  We want to publicly thank them.

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One Response to Latest Form 700s show some comply and others don’t

  1. Dan O'Brien and Branson Hunter
    Dan O'Brien and Branson Hunter September 28, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Thank you Commissioner Larry for in good faith complying with the Statements of Economic Interests required by Government Code §§87500-87505. I have faith in Larry to review any foreseeable perceived conflict concerning his financial interests in rental property should the issue of vacation home rentals once again come before the planning commission.

    On the other hand, Councilmember Wright’s Statement of Economic Interest is not transparency.

    One of the purposes of the Act is for the public to be able to ascertain during an official’s tenure in office whether or not there could be any sort of conflict of interest in term of a public official voting on issues.

    Mr. Wright likely has a military retirement. And should Pastor Wright’s congregation or any religious entity provide any sort of support toward his livelihood or housing,this ought to be to be disclosed.

    The California watchdog agency encourages “amendments” to a public official’s Form 700.


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