King if the Hammers Scanner Freqs….

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If anyone is interested in monitoring frequencies for KOH, the following is the plan:

Fire Command 151.1375 (Repeater) Fissure Mtn.
Fire Tac 153.830 (simplex)
BLM Command 166.375 (Repeater) Fissure Mtn.
BLM Law 166.750 (Repeater) Fissure Mtn.
BLM Law Tac 172.575 (simplex)
BLM/Fire Interop 853.4125 (simplex)
Race Relay 151.625 (simplex) busy on race days!!!
Race Ops 151.700 (simplex)
Race Logistics 151.5125 (simplex)
Race Production 153.230 (Repeater) Fissure Mtn.
Race Medical 158.4075 (simplex)
Med Air Ops 156.075 (simplex)
SAR Command 155.160 (Repeater) Onyx Peak
UHF link to Race Relay 461.6125 (simplex) busy!!!
800 link to BLM Law 853.0125 (simplex)
800 link to BLM Law Tac 851.5125 (simplex)

This is public so please feel free to share.

Chris Nichols
Yucca Valley, Ca.

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