KCDZ: County denies permit for major concert at Joshue Tree Retret Center

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Posted on April 24, 2017 by z1077news

By Reporter Mike Lipsitz

Many will remember the sensation surrounding last October’s Desert Daze “outsider” rock music fest at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. From the estimated 2,000 mostly non-local concert-goers the three-day event received two thumbs up. But from sleep-deprived neighbors and others angered by the unpermitted clearing of desert for parking at Highway 62 and Yucca Mesa Road, the event got two thumbs down. Earlier this month, the Retreat Center, also known as Mentalphysics, applied for a Desert Daze encore performance this October. Reporter Mike Lipsitz has more…
The County Department of Land Use Services has denied a permit for a second Desert Daze music festival that promoters had planned for four days beginning October 12, 2017. Citing too many attendees and excessive noise at last year’s event, the County rejected this year’s application. Last year the amplified sound from three stages of guitar, drum and bass could be heard as far as four miles away prompting multiple noise complaints to the County’s Planning Division and Sheriff’s Department. The event’s promoter had until this past Friday to appeal the decision, but that deadline passed without any such appeal.

This KCDZ link for the expanded story.

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