Joshua Tree: Blak Box Theater seminar, a day to remember!

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Christian Camargo, Int'l known stage and screen actor, producer, writer

It was a day of learning and growth to remember yesterday –thanks to the Hi-Desert Cultural Center and MILL-TREE*.

Saturday was a free one-day workshop taught by stage and screen actor,  Christian Camargo.

Feature photo Christian Camargo, Int’l known stage and screen actor, producer, writer.

In a short period of time, 18 people became a connected entity of one. Everyone seemed to merge into a single compassionate human being.

Experiencing the workshop was a profound experience.

The workshop began with an exercise of all 18 participants seated in a circle. The exercise was to remember names. By the end of the short exercise, many in the circle could remember all 18 names from memory!

Given Christian’s theater productions, acting and writing experiences you would think he would have copped an attitude. No so. This guy is humble, respectful and compassionate. I think he enjoyed the day as much as everyone.

What made the successes of the workshop were Christian’s worldly experiences of acting, theater experiences and the methodology and techniques he learned from world-class directors from around the world.

The workshop explored thyself with the use of “beginning” and “advanced” story and drama techniques as a metaphor and guide.

Midway through the workshop, the room was a sea of connected energy.

One advanced technique to exploring thyself was through the use of theater masks. That experience was as strange as it was profound. It was like Travel through time and landing — very along –in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. It was as weird as it was wonderful!

Many Kudos to Cheryl Montelle. Cheryl is the president and founder of  Mil-Tree.  Mil-Tree was formed out of her wish to have the community at large embrace returning veterans, their families, all veterans and community members.

Cheryl created and co-produces Desert Stories in Joshua Tree. Cheryl is a former professional dancer and an actress. She currently runs a Pilates fitness business and hosts Pilates workshops, et cetera.

I am not looking for the best writers or the best performers; I grab whoever takes my fancy and ask them if they have a story,” said organizer Cheryl Montelle in an Los Angeles Times article.

The mission of Mil-Tree is to bring together veterans, active-duty military, and civilians in order to help each other to address the wounds of the soul through communication and art.

Through Mil-Tree, diverse people in the community come together to increase mutual understanding and respect, and are provided with safe opportunities to express, help process, and support the healing of soul wounds, especially those of war, through the power of storytelling, speak-outs, healing retreats, art, music, movement, and nature.

Mil-Tree correctly states that “There is something for everyone regardless of age and ability.”

Mil-Tree hosts all kinds of informative and significant events, workshops and retreats that help welcome our veterans and service men and women into the old of our greater community.

*Christian Camargo, is a graduate of Julliard School of Drama. He resides in Joshua Tree where he writes and resides in between jobs. He began his career as an actor in New York and London theater. Christian was an inaugural company member of  Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London. He has performed in On Broadway and Off-Broadway production; he has also been active in film and television productions. Christian has written, produced, developed directed documentaries and televised drama.

Christian’s complete Bio this link

Feature photo: Christian Camargo, Int’l known stage and screen actor, producer, writer.

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