Johnson Valley News 5/2/2020

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• Johnson Valley in the Spring, the weather is good. Let’s give To-Go a try, tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 2!

You can take away your breakfast to eat at home, or carry it across the parking lot and pick out a place to eat in the Desert Dreams Garden. Be sure to practice your social-distancing and enjoy the fresh air and flowers and trees in bloom!

Choose from the regular Saturday Breakfast menu plus breakfast burritos. We can’t begin to guess how many guests will arrive, so it’s first-come, first-served!

As always, the regular breakfast is 6.00; smaller size, 4.00. Sorry, we can’t offer the never-empty coffee cup, our servers will bring the orders outside, with one cup.

To order, drive in or call in advance to Kim, 760-792-4555. She will be cashiering, outside the front entry.

While there, shop for some of our JVIA fundraising specialty items. Be sure to check out the 7-function pen that’s a handy-dandy toolbox in your pocket, only 3.00.

And that’s not all, folks! The 21.5-inch-square Sidekick Bandana Map is back! The Johnson Valley OHV Area trails and topography plus GPS Coordinates silk-screened on washable fabric, 8.00.

And, finally! You can pick up your “Heart Bar and Johnson Valley Neighbors” book, by homesteader and historian Martha Coutant, 20.00 each.

Cash or credit card accepted. Sorry, no entry inside the Community Center yet.

• Hwy 247 sees much lighter traffic these days, although some idiots seem to think that gives them a license to speed. The CHP does not agree.

I hate to admit, after a vehicle blazes past us out of nowhere, then we see it pulled over by the Highway Patrol, we smirk. Petty, I know.

Please take care when approaching the top of a slope­ – a driver on the other side may be ignoring a no-passing stripe. And watch out for flower-watchers making sudden stops for photos. Traveling through our springtime scenery can rate as distracted driving.

• But Superbloom has arrived in Johnson Valley. After two wet winters, with this year’s late rain and snow, not only do we see gazillions of flowers per square mile in some places, we see more varieties and taller plants with more and larger flowers.

The desert dandelions started up in mid-April, and they now line all the trails and make a blazing yellow carpet under the greenery. Along with phacelia, Mojave asters, globe mallows by the hundreds, pinchusions, coreopsis, desert marigold, goldfields, paper bag bush, chia, desert chicory, lupine and more. (I know these from a two-hour cruise around the foothills behind us, to higher altitudes and down to washes.)

But you do not have to have an off-highway vehicle, plenty of glory blooms right beside the community roads, including prickly poppy standing tall.

If you see flowers you do not recognize, remember you can look up quite a gallery of JV flower photos on Scroll down the home page and click on the “Johnson Valley Wildflowers” bar. Click on a flower image to see it enlarged; check below for a > arrow, most have an album of various views.

• Email from #SBCountytogether Daily update: 

Seniors without air conditioning who need to cool down during the hot days ahead should call the County’s Adult Protective Services Hotline toll-free at 1-877-565-202.

Staff will deliver fans to their homes or even put them up in air-conditioned hotel rooms. If you know of a Senior who might need help, please check on them.

• The “Town Center” in the Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden has had two more donations, trailers the Garden committee can use for storage, and to get out of the weather in a hurry if necessary.

BUT. The money donations to the Garden have been used up, and the crew still wants to decorate these acquisitions to fit in with the existing Cash’s Golden Falcon Cantina, the Sheriff’s office, and the Hotel California. Ideas for the decor:

-Materials to make rustic-looking siding in particular: wood, weathered or not, 1/2”x5” would be best (like fencing) to cover the outsides.

-Country-style cafe curtains if you want to sew up some. Calico, western prints, florals. We’ll measure them up if you would like to do this.

-Old western-looking wagon wheels or vintage automobile wheels.

-Any outdoor furniture, and 2 x 5-6″ wooden slats to replace weathered slats in the old-timey garden benches

-White-colored Henry’s liquid roofing compound, that costs a fortune now.
Thank you in advance!

• On April 17, Lori and David Minnick watched an airplane flying over and Lori took a great photo (see attached). It has been suggested the pilot is David Hughes, and he was doing touch-and-go’s in an aircraft he built.

I have no contact info for David Hughes, so I suggested one of our JV NEWS readers might be able to let him know.

Lori says,  “I would be happy to hear from him and furnish him with a copy of the original picture.”


• You may want to watch this video sent with a Sheriff’s Department report of an arrest for robbery and possession of stolen property.
Sheriff John McMahon and District Attorney Jason Anderson strongly oppose the Judicial Council’s ruling to blindly gift $0 bail! This broad-brush approach is short-sided and not in the best interest of public safety.
• The extraordinary Lucerne Valley Unified School District has a video from Superintendent of Schools Peter Livingston.

LVUSD (which includes Johnson Valley) has been making the most of their involuntary downtime, with improvements projects and students’ enhanced learning opportunities.

Quite a list of accomplishments for a small school district in an “economically disadvantaged” area.
Congratulations to all the graduates, and congratulations to board, staff and teachers who have made it possible to be honoring the Class of 2020.

The big day: Friday, May 29th, at 9:30 am behind the Ron Peavy stadium in a drive-up format.

They plan to have an outdoor, open-air venue on campus. Families can view their graduates from their cars. Students will be seated with social distancing (similar to the way the Air Force Academy did it recently).

Last-minute update from Jim Harvey, Johnson Valley resident on the LVUSD Board of Trustees:
The Executive Director of the Small Schools District Association in
Sacramental was so impressed with how we are going ahead with graduation despite county health dept denial, and he wants to come down and attend and address our students.

He will also be presenting us with the Blue Angel Model District Award.

This is amazing!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^OK, I just have to send a couple of flower pictures (very hard to choose which ones!)

Everyone, keep smiling and have fun!
Betty Munson

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