Johnson Valley News 9/5/2019

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We heard on Tuesday, September 3, at the meeting of the Lucerne Valley
Economic Association, that the High Desert Survey continues for two more
weeks. We assume that the closing date is now Saturday, September 14, two weeks after the original deadline, August 31.

Thanks to you, if you already did the survey!

case you missed the earlier memo, please express your opinions about
the quality of life here in this desert; it’s easy and won’t take long!
Go to or

• Almost here –  this Saturday evening, September 7th,
you are invited to the  Lasagna Dinner at the JV Community Center.
Bring your family, bring your friends. Delicious lasagna, green salad,
and dessert, and it’s only 7.00 per person. 4.00 for kids 12 and

Doors open 4:30 p.m. Dinner at 5:00.

Also, you
can catch up with the latest after-dinner announcements, and stay for
the General Meeting of the Johnson Valley Improvement Association.

you need not be a member of JVIA to participate in any event at the
center (but, the Early Membership Campaign for 2020 has begun, and you
can sign up or renew now. Application forms on the lobby desk, only
15.00 per person per year).

• Oktoberfest is coming, Saturday, October 12!
Early Bird admission tickets right now cost only 8:00 per person. After
September 28, and at the door, they will be 12.00 each.

limited. Get your discounted Early Bird tickets at the Lasagna Dinner
on Saturday evening, or at any Saturday Breakfast.

The Brew Menu
is out; while you are at the hall, you are invited to take a copy, a
complete description of the nine craft beers and two hard ciders you
will find on tap in the Beer Garden on October 12!

• Kudos to all involved with the Farewell to Summer Fair and Fireworks last Saturday at Homestead Valley Park!
agrees they had a good time and we heard comments they saw fireworks
they had never seen before, and how did they do that?

Mesa Fest this year is Saturday, September 21st, from 2:00-10:00 p.m.,
and they have plenty of space for more vendors! If you are interested in
setting up at this popular celebration, please call  760-820-3125.

Or, be a Mesa Fest sponsor! Yucca Mesa Improvement Association is now a 501c3 organization, so your donation is tax-deductible!

local business, organization or individual that wishes to donate to
support Mesa Fest can do so in exchange for advertising and other cool



See attached. You can make an appointment now for the visit by Morongo
Basin Mobile Medical Unit to the Johnson Valley Community Center next Wednesday, September 11, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

we can have comprehensive healthcare services close to home. They offer
primary care, clinic visit exams, screenings, some immunizations,
referrals to mental health services, and if necessary, prescribing lab
tests, and prescription refills. (Dental care not yet available.)

They provide care no matter your insurance status or ability to pay.

To make your appointment, please call 760-365-9305. Walk-in’s accepted if time permits.

And, in case you need to wait awhile, come on inside the Community Center. Coffee and light refreshments will be available.

Oral history: a talk by Morgan Reche, son of Walter and grandson of
Charlie,  will be presented by the Morongo Basin Historical Society next
Wednesday, September 11, at the Yucca Valley Senior Center.

open 5:15 p.m. 57088 Twentynine Palms Hwy, behind the Library and
Hi-Desert Nature Museum. Donation 5.00 per person, please. See attached.

• Cooler weather coming: promise!

know many readers of the JV NEWS are weekenders, cooped up in town,
impatient for cooler days to get away out exploring in the desert in
your ATVs.

If you have youngsters just beginning to enjoy
all-terrain vehicles, consider checking out the online courses offered
by the ATV Safety Institute now.

Before venturing out to the
Johnson Valley OHV area, both adults’ and teens’ understanding of
all-terrain vehicles and safe riding strategies, coaching and
supervising younger riders, and knowing California law and regulations
go a long way toward safely enjoying the unique recreational
opportunities right in our front yard.

Online courses are free. 
the two-hour ATV E-Course (there is a $25 fee to receive the State
Certificate) allows you to participate in ATV RiderCourse S-Course
hands-on safety training. See

Desert travel on public land has its own challenges. Find lots of tips at

Johnson Valley OHV Area shares borders with the Marine Base. Find their Johnson Valley App and much more at

We don’t want to hear you or yours literally hit the trail. Ride safely, get home safely.

Other OHV info in the Frequently-Answered Questions below>>>


At the recent meeting of the Homestead Valley Community Council,
California Highway Patrol Sgt. Randy O’Brian told the folks that the CHP
patrols school zones during pickup and dropoff times. Violations earn
stiff fines.

Sgt. O’Brian also said a CHP task force will be on
Hwy 247 to check out trucks bypassing the scales down below (yay). The
CHP personnel, when not in school zones, will be allocated to 247 for
speed enforcement. This is good news. No trip to Yucca Valley or Lucerne
Valley goes without the pedal-to-the-metal brigade coming up behind us
out of nowhere.

After listening to agitated residents at the June
HVCC meeting, CHP Commander Cooper sent a letter to Caltrans outlining
their concerns about Hwy 247 in the Olivine Rd. area, where collisions
occur on the blind hill because people cannot pass safely. Caltrans
responded with a plan to make continuous double yellow striping from
Boone Rd. 

But be aware! No amount of double-striping will
protect you against the drivers who just don’t care, and other stuff on
Hwy 247. Example: Tuesday evening, dusk, a northbound vehicle
approaching us in a dip in that dim light, exactly the same color as the
pavement, with NO headlights!

The speeding car coming up on our
tailgate does not see the oncoming idiot, chooses that moment to pass us
(we’re at the speed limit). Fortunately, a quick slow-up and pulling
over to let the passing speeder back onto the right side of the road
saved us from the worst-case scenario. We were neither witnesses nor
victims, in a legal passing zone, endangered by someone who just has to
win the race to somewhere!

To our new members of the Johnson Valley Improvement Association, you will receive the Johnson Valley Journal six times a year.

JVIA General Meeting after the first Saturday Dinners is another
resource for finding out what’s happening around here, and what’s
happening with the Johnson Valley Improvement Association.

between Journals, this JV NEWS e-mail includes stories and information
published in the weekly community news columns in the Hi-Desert Star.

If you prefer not to receive these e-mails, reply and say Cancel.

Both JVIA members and non-members are welcome to scheduled activities and special events!

Regularly-scheduled events:

-Saturday Breakfast: 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
-Dinner: every 1st Saturday at 5:00 p.m. followed by the General Meeting (except May and October). Non- members welcome. 
-JVIA Board Meeting: Friday following the 1st Saturday, 6:00 p.m. (except this October, scheduled for Friday, October 18th)
-Card Club: Pinochle on Tuesdays, noon-4:00 p.m.
-Quilters: EACH Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
-Hobby Club: EACH Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Special events:

Homestead Valley Community Council holds regular meetings in Johnson
Valley three times a year on the third Monday, at 3:00 p.m. The next is
on October 21.

-JVIA Fundraising events:
JVIA 10th Annual Oktoberfest! Saturday afternoon, October 12. with lots of craft beers and cider, and a German buffet.
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 2020 will be Saturday afternoon, May 2. No General Meetings those two months.

PICTURES? We hear photos taken by visitors to the Paul Van Hook Desert
Dreams Garden show up on Facebook and elsewhere. The surprise: when you
look for “Johnson Valley Community Center” on Google Maps, and the first
picture you see is the airplane wind vane!

Garden visitors answering the call and e-mailing pictures you have
taken! Can’t have too many! Shots recently sent by Mark Black appear in
the Sep-Oct issue of the Journal, which could be in your mailbox now.

if you have a birthday or anniversary celebration, a wedding or other
family gathering coming up, the Community Center and the Garden are
usually available. JVIA only asks for a donation to cover overheads and
that you leave the place as you found it.

by the Community Center between 7:00-10:00 a.m. for the Saturday
Breakfast with a never-empty coffee cup. Large breakfast, only 6.00!
Small breakfast, 4.00.

Navigating by GPS? – find your way to the Community Center:
34.3424938     -116.56066880000003.

best way to the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area using community
roads: go straight down to Hwy 247 on the road nearest you. You can
cross directly over the highway legally to the dirt trail running along
the north side of Hwy 247. (Please stay on the dirt shoulders if you
travel on the paved Larrea Road while in or on a green-sticker vehicle.)

you are adventuring out in all this heat, take more water than you
think you need, tell people where you plan to go. Verizon has pretty
good cell coverage out there; ATT not so much. Never go out there alone.

Slow, please, on the community roads. Lots of blind corners, you can’t see what’s coming.

any vehicle, street-legal or not, going over 25mph damages dirt roads.
Delivery vehicles and the trash truck do the worst, but OHVs get the
blame. Noise can carry, and dust can drift a long way.

LARREA ROAD IS NO SPEEDWAY. Please take care, watch for vehicles, watch
for kids playing. Intersections with the side road can be hard to see.
Ask your guests to be careful, too; we don’t want their visit ruined.

Johnson Valley Community Center
50567 Quailbush Rd.
Johnson Valley CA 92285

From Hwy 247, turn onto Larrea Rd,
go 1-3/4 miles up to the corner of Quailbush Rd.
You see the Community Center on your left.

Please leave a message
Betty Munson

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