Johnson Valley News 8/11/2017

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• This Saturday, August 12, it’s the Bake Sale Auction! Bake or buy, the bidding is lots of fun, and the winners get some out-of-this-world edibles. All proceeds go toward the upkeep of the COOL Community Center.

After the bidding is over, Barbara Harris will bring us more pictures and stories about that huge freestanding boulder on the other side of Spy Mountain next to the Crystal Hill (that already sounds like a story).

Doors open 11:30 a.m. If you wish to bring baked goods, remember to use non-perishable ingredients! Call Joanna Wright, 760-364-2207 (leave a message), and plan to be here by 11:30 to add your contributions to the display table.

The Bake Sale Auction starts at noon. Giant Rock show starts about 1:00. Donation, 5.00.

• Look forward to another delicious dinner on Saturday evening, September 2, lasagna with garlic bread, salad and dessert, all for just 7.00 per person, 4.00 for kids 12 and younger. Dinner begins at 5.00.

BUT doors open early, 4:00 p.m. for a before-dinner program starting at 4:30: A demonstration of handcrafting bows and arrows. Fascinating.

Stay after dinner for the JVIA General Meeting to find out what’s new in Johnson Valley and what’s going on.

If you stayed till the end of the Supervisors’ public hearing on the draft of the Renewable Energy and Conservation (REC) Element for the County Plan, you heard representatives of various construction unions argue that we just have to blanket the desert with solar fields or union members will have to commute to LA to work, that all construction jobs are temporary, but if they could work up here they would be able to pay taxes and buy things here, and it would help the economy, and these huge solar fields would be a good investment for our communities, etc., etc.

This all came after residents of this desert from Twentynine Palms to Apple Valley stood in line (because the auditorium seating was over capacity) to stick up for themselves and deliver some home truths, three minutes at a time, to elected officials tasked to protect them.

Science, the awful truths of the negative impacts of the solar fields already built, the destruction of property values and wildlife habitat, the broken soils that travel downwind to affect other residents far away, emotion over the losses that cannot be repaired – once again, desert dwellers showed they have a grasp on the hard facts.

Government mandates to meet arbitrary percentages of power generated from renewable resources take no account of the people who live here – only of the companies engaged in a modern-day gold rush to mine the desert for tax subsidies and incentives. Hey, a desert is a desert, right? Look at all that unused land, all that sunshine, all those disadvantaged communities so easy to con into thinking they will be getting the jobs, and the developers will be paying taxes. Easy pickin’s, right?

This was billed as a hearing on the FINAL draft of the REC Element, but the unions got the Supervisors to remove the parts they really did not like, for further review. Besides that, the Planning Commission had added whole sections on Friday, talking about “opportunity” areas, which most of the audience never knew about until the hearing. And while the anti-industrial local folks stood in line, a notice came in on e-mail that yet another project application had been accepted, maybe three hours before the vote. Grandfathered. Technology becoming obsolete. California already exporting energy. 990 acres in Lucerne Valley! Two miles south of the 483-acre Ord Mountain project and Edison’s Calcite substation. Right on Scenic 247.

To view the plan and for more information, visit

The Johnson Valley Community Center
Mailing address; 50567A Quailbush Rd. Johnson Valley CA 92285   Phone: 760-364-3575 (no voice mail)
From Scenic 247, between mile markers 21 and 22, turn onto Larrea Rd. (paved), go 1-3/4 miles up to the corner of Quailbush Rd.
The Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden adjoins the parking lot on the east side of the Community Center.

The Johnson Valley Directory is for sale in the lobby, 3.00 tax included


Betty Munson

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