Johnson Valley News 8/31/2018

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• Everyone welcome to share in the Fried Chicken Feast tomorrow evening,  Saturday, September 1, at the Johnson Valley Community Center.

chicken with sides of mashed potatoes and gravy, and cole slaw, plus a
feast of desserts – Zucchini-Carrot Cake with coconut filling and cream
cheese frosting; or Best Chocolate Cake Ever; or Coconut-Citrus Bars; or
Grape-Pineapple Dessert; or chocolate chip cookies!

You get all this for only 7.00 per person, 4.00 for kids 12 and younger. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. Dinner at 5:00.

Also, we have a lot you need to hear about at the General Meeting after dinner, which usually begins about 5:45-6:00 p.m.

Countywide Plan community meetings have been announced (none in JV,
unfortunately). This plan will replace our Homestead Valley Community
Plan approved in 2007.  Check it out at See what you make of it. We would like to hear comments about this, too.

JVIA members, vote on
another major expenditure for the hall: replacing our old and failing
AC with a more efficient system, to the tune of $8,300. (Donations will
be happily accepted to make up yet another hit on our reserves.

Saturday Breakfast
– Let’s do some brainstorming about the difficulty recruiting
volunteers, reduced menus, reduced attendance, other fundraising ideas. 

Fire Protection Zone FP-5 expansion will include Johnson
Valley. Talk about the proposed $157.26 parcel tax in the expanded zone
to shore up budget shortfalls at the County Fire Dept. If you attended
either of the meetings held in this area by Fire Chief Mark Hartwig,
please give us your take on what you heard. We will try to answer
questions as well as possible. (See comment on the Parcel Tax Protest
Process below.)

For details online, visit

video of the August meeting of the Lucerne Valley-Johnson Valley MAC is
posted on YouTube; Search for Lucerne Valley MAC and click on Fire Tax


To have your voice heard whether you approve or disapprove the parcel
tax, you have a month after your notice goes in the mail on September

At the August MAC meeting, and reportedly at the Joshua
Tree meeting last Monday, Chief Mark Hartwig described the protest
process this way:
If over 25% of the landowners file a protest, it goes to an election.
If over 50% protest, the proposal is killed, and it goes back to the Board.

But we see it described differently in three other reports:

order to trigger an election, 25 percent of property owners who control
at least 25 percent of the assessed land value would need to file
written protests. To stop the tax, more than 50 percent would have to
oppose it in writing.
The tax process, which
follows rules set by the Local Agency Formation Commission, proved
controversial a year ago, when Upland moved to join the district.
some residents support the fire agency’s expansion, others question a
process that requires property owners to file written opposition to stop
it or bring it before all voters.”
 – Daily Bulletin, Aug. 28, 2018

property owner can submit a written protest. If two people own a
property, and both are opposed to the expansion, each would need to
submit a protest to reflect their views.
If 25
percent of all property owners protest, their collective vote would also
need to represent 25 percent of the assessed value of the area in
For example, if a 10 percent owner of
a $100,000 parcel submits a valid protest to the expansion, it would be
counted as one protest with $10,000 assessed value. If a husband and
wife co-own a $500,000 house, but only the husband submits a protest, it
would count as a single protest with $250,000 assessed value, according
to County Fire Cpt. Steven Tracy.”  –Daily Bulletin, August 28, 2018

the protest period, if at least 25% of property owners who own at least
25% of the total impacted land value submit protest letters to the
County, then an election will be triggered. If at least 50% of property
owners who own at least 50% of the total impacted land value submit
protest letters to the County, the expansion will be terminated.” –
County Supervisor Lovingood newsletter

Protection Zone FP-5, before the proposed expansion out to county
boundaries, includes the City of San Bernardino and other
densely-populated urban communities down below. They contain some
high-value parcels, and some have large commercial properties.

matter how many of us living in “severely disadvantaged” desert
communities protest, we can easily see that we will be out-valued if not
out-voted if these urban parcels are included in the process.

What do you think?

• After the Fried Chicken Feast and meeting, take a short drive on Hwy 247 over to Landers for the 2nd Annual “Farewell to Summer” Community Fair & Fireworks already in progress at Homestead Valley Park.

Admission is free! The Marine Color Guard is timed for 7:30 p.m. and it will be getting dark soon after, ka-boom spectacular!

music by Cinch – fun for kids, face painting and bounce house included –
vendors – margaritas – beer garden – all at 1501 Belfield Blvd. between
Reche Rd. and Linn Rd.

• Circle Saturday, October 13,
on your calendar! You don’t want to miss our 9th Annual Oktoberfest at
the Johnson Valley Community Center. The Patio Beer Garden will open at
3:00 p.m. Take your choice of 9 craft brews and two hard ciders, 12oz.
for 3.00, or try a Sampler of three for only 4.00.

Pre-sale tickets are now available for 8.00! Save 33% off the admission of 12.00 per person, which includes the buffet of German dishes between 5:00-6:00 p.m. After September 28, admission is 12.00.

Tickets available at JV Community Center events, or make a secure credit card purchase on


The Johnson Valley community news column in the Hi-Desert Star in Yucca
Valley usually becomes the basis for these e-mails. A lot of
non-resident members and interested parties do not see the Star.

Johnson Valley Improvement Association publishes the Johnson Valley
Journal 6 times a year, which mails to JVIA members and advertisers.

JV News e-mail in between Journals keeps you up-to-date, and you get
extra info specific to JVIA members that space restrictions in the
newspaper do not allow. You usually will receive the JV NEWS weekly.

If you do not want to receive these e-mails, just reply and say Cancel.

Everyone is welcome
to every event at the Center! You do not have to be a member of the
Johnson Valley Improvement Association to join in on scheduled
activities and special events!

Reminder, you can book the Center
for birthday celebrations, family gatherings, weddings. No rent, we ask
for a donation to cover overheads, and that you leave it as you found

You are welcome to enjoy the approximately 2-acre Paul Van
Hook Desert Dreams Garden next to the parking lot. You’ll see
drought-resistant plants and trees, artifacts from homesteader days
donated by the community, and some whimsical decor our garden committee
has created.

Open to visitors for free. Watching sunsets an option.

model railway will see more action as the weather cools down, when the
crew is available to operate it. Make sure kids do not enter the train
layout; the track and model buildings are fragile!

When you come to Saturday Breakfast, ask if the trains will run that day. Right now it’s just too hot.

Off-roaders navigating by GPS – according to Google Maps, the coordinates for the Community Center are
34.3424938     -116.56066880000003.

going to and from the OHV Area, do not travel on the Hwy 247
right-of-way. A dirt trail parallels it on the north side. Cross the
highway legally and very carefully to get onto any of the community

If you come up Larrea Road while in or on a green-sticker vehicle, travel on the dirt alongside the pavement.

Remember to slow down on our dirt roads, any speed, any vehicle going over 25mph does major damage.

Watch out at blind corners for junior offroaders and thoughtless speeders.

Remember, people do live here; noise and dust travel a long way. Let’s not irritate the neighbors!

Johnson Valley Community Center
50567 Quailbush Rd.
From Hwy 247, turn onto Larrea Rd,
go 1-3/4 miles to Quailbush Rd. The building is on your left at the corner.

Betty Munson

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