Johnson Valley News 7/3/2020

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• We do not have the freedom to celebrate Independence Day by inviting you to our popular 2-Buck Chuckwagon on July 4. We did not gather for our second-largest fundraiser, the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Now, JVIA’s largest fundraising event of every year for the last ten years, the Johnson Valley Oktoberfest, might be at risk.

The hitch in our gitalong: possible non-issue of a single-day permit to sell beer! Our brewmaster already has made his plans and announced the menu of craft beers. The traditional and very popular brews that had to start in March are aging just fine. But, the other recipes that begin in summer need to start very soon, or they won’t be ready by October 3rd. Will we get a permit? Who knows? Dithering and uncertainty prevail.

• The Johnson Valley Improvement Association now opens the Community Center on Saturday mornings, 7:00-10:00 a.m.

Last week’s reopening went well. Even though we must modify our traditional family-style, walk right in, sit-where-you-please system until our noble leaders decide to free us, it’s great to be able to welcome our guests again.

If you come inside the hall, you will notice fewer tables, farther apart, with fewer chairs unless members of a single household wish to sit together. Please wear your mask. A non-contact thermometer checks your temperature, and we have non-contact hand sanitizer stations.
-Order breakfast-to-go and remain outside.
-Or, order to-go and wait indoors in the cool AC.
-Or, stay indoors to eat your breakfast. You decide how you will feel most comfortable.

Choose from our traditional menu, which includes eggs any way, bacon, ham or sausage, and your choice of hash browns with a biscuit, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, or French toast. Or have the popular Breakfast Burrito.

Order in advance if you like, after 7:00 a.m. at 760-792-4555. Keep calling if the line is busy. The Breakfast Burrito and the Large breakfasts are 6.00, and the Small breakfasts (same menu, smaller portions), 4.00. Cash or credit card accepted.

• As reported before, the Homestead Valley Community Council plans, repeat, plans to resume regular monthly meetings on Monday, July 20, at 3:00 p.m. in the Flamingo Heights Community Center. Our County Supervisor Dawn Rowe and Fire Chief Dan Munsey plan to come, and our friends in law enforcement always are welcome.
Location: 55977 Perris Rd., two blocks west of La Copine Restaurant.

• Claudia Spotts, president of the Morongo Basin Historical Society, reports that one of their members has offered them a shell of a homestead cabin located on the Mesa to join the historical structures collected on the MBHS property in Landers.

She described it as a 244-square-foot historic treasure homestead – the donor member helped his father build it in the 1950s! A group of electricians/business owners from Orange County settled that section of land.

The idea is to rebuild the cabin to be a demonstration of its original construction methods, enclosing it with siding but leaving one interior wall open on display.

With the help of past MBHS President Rep. Paul Cook, MBHS achieved a State Historic Designation for the original Landers Post Office, now restored and on view in the back yard of their Museum and Research Center. They hope to be able to do the same for this survivor from the homesteading days.

We wish them the best; so many of these cabins disappeared with abandonment and Shack Attack removal after they became victims of the weather and vandals, leaving only empty slabs. This relic is a heritage from a more self-reliant time, hard to imagine the drive to own your own land by building your shelter with your own hands in an environment that offers few comforts. Except for a never-ending view, blue skies and starry nights, and a riot of wildflowers in spring. I hope this member has written down the story.

Claudia says the logistics of moving this cabin to Landers will be expensive. Money is tight for everyone these days, but time and resources can be volunteered. I bet helpful neighbors’ hands took part in many of these homes, helpful neighbors’ trucks transported many materials many miles over dirt roads, some recycled from older buildings. I say if you think you might be able to pitch in for this house moving project, call Claudia at 760-366-7896, or e-mail
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Have a good time! Celebrate the Fourth of July!
Put little toothpick flags on your corn on the cob. Cheers!

Stay well,

Betty Munson

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