Johnson Valley News 7/16/20

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• The Johnson Valley Community Center remains closed, and the only event remaining on our formerly-busy calendar is the JVIA Saturday Breakfast.

Still served To-Go, you come inside to order, but you wait outside to pick up; servers will bring your orders out to you.
The temperature is slightly milder during the breakfast hours. The weather wizards say, 67-84.°

To save some wait time, order ahead at 760-792-4555, between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. Keep calling if the line is busy. The winner Breakfast Burrito and Large breakfasts are 6.00, and the Small breakfasts, 4.00. Cash or credit card accepted.

• The folks who come on Saturday mornings have not only bought their breakfast but in doing so, have contributed to maintaining a steady revenue flow into JVIA. As limited as we have been in fundraising activities, every purchase has been welcome.

We cannot, in all fairness, ask our members for donations since so many of us have been personally limited in fundraising activities. What has made the difference for JVIA, surviving the shutdown mandates? Our members’ previous donations.

Member Sponsors who year-after-year have included generous contributions with their dues, we bless you. The reserves you have built for us have seen us through several setbacks. Our Community Center building is old. We rely on our own well. We have had problems the last few years. Repairs to a leaking gas line. Problems with the well pump. Cooling system failure. Everything from ant invasions to clogged drains to increased costs of County permits threatened the ability of our dwindling number of JVIA volunteers to maintain a standard of comfort for guests coming into the hall.

We were fortunate to receive a grant from Supervisor Dawn Rowe’s discretionary funds. We looked up what our income had been from mid-March in 2019. The grant funds made up for many revenue losses during the same time period in 2020. Not having Saturday Dinners, and Cinco de Mayo Fiesta hurt, but reopening for Breakfast-To-Go helped with money and morale.

We expect to invite you back, the sooner the better, so it’s out of the question to put off fixing stuff, paying for insurance, taxes, and permits. Thanks to our faithful volunteers and guests for putting up with our workarounds during the indecisiveness of the powers that be.

• Senator Shannon Grove’s Field Rep Dominic Heiden has been on the case. Still, his news makes planning almost impossible:
“With regards to Oktoberfest specifically, we have no way of knowing if/when the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will be authorized by the Governor to consider a permit for that event. We can only go off of the fact that they are not currently considering new applications for permits. I know that puts immense strain on Johnson Valley to either cancel one of your biggest fundraisers of the year, or risk moving forward and wasting all the beer. I wish we knew what the circumstances will be, but unfortunately no one knows what things will look like down the line.

“I did put another call in to the ABC and clarified that under normal circumstances they usually only grant beer and wine permits to 501c(4) organizations. However, the representative that I spoke with did say that they welcome applications from 501c(4)’s for mixed drink permits (when they are not under shelter-in-place orders). Those applications get looked at by a supervisor and approved on a case-by-case basis.”

Well, that’s some hope for Cinco de Mayo 2021 margaritas at least, although craft beers that must start brewing now – not so good.

Thank you, Dominic. Stay tuned, Oktoberfest fans.

• The Homestead Valley Community Council (HVCC) resumes monthly meetings on this coming Monday, July 20.

Our County Supervisor Dawn Rowe has confirmed she will come to meet with us. Our friends in the Sheriff’s Department will be there, and the CHP and County Fire and Calfire are invited.

The meeting begins at 3:00 p.m. in the Flamingo Heights Community Center, 55977 Perris Rd., two blocks west of La Copine Restaurant.

Please come, public comments are welcome. We have some catching up to do on federal, state, and local issues affecting our rural communities.

• Please take a look at Superintendent Peter Livingston’s July 14 Update video:

In 4 minutes and 17 seconds, he covers all the bases: County, District, parents, and students, in their major endeavor to get the kids back into school and allay fears for their safety and the safety of staff and families. And the amazing amount of expertise still leading the way for students who wish to learn at home.

The determination and resolve to work out all the problems say a lot about the dedication of everybody involved.

Their website to which Livingston refers you is

For your safety and the safety of pilots, please do not drive motor vehicles onto the Valley Vista Airport. You put yourself in danger. Tire damage destroys the runway.

Johnson Valley’s Valley Vista Airport is private land.
It is a federally-recognized airport and is subject to all FAA rules and regulations.

Please help keep it in a safe condition. Thank you!

• The ferocious daytime temperatures have made some increase in watering necessary, with extra attention and expansion of the berms around the trees that hold the irrigation till it can soak down to the roots.

Never ceasing to amaze: the hotter it gets, the more the blooms on the Orange Jubilees.

The Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden still acquires donated artifacts from earlier days. The Garden Committee has purchased necessary equipment out of their own pockets – which we hope can be reimbursed before long.

In other words, what was a scattered bunch of creosote bushes, one cholla and a beavertail in 2015 now amazes the visitors. Greenery and eye candy, four railroad tracks, a pavilion, and a whimsical “town center” with more to come. Thanks, guys.
Keep smiling, it’s good for you! 😉           😷         😷

Betty Munson

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