Johnson Valley News 5/9/2020

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• The Board of the Johnson Valley Improvement Association reviewed the costs, the purchasing, and the system for maintaining social distancing, and found very few problems. Stay tuned for future developments, such as too hot a morning to set up outside, or, maybe even re-entry into the air-conditioned Center, dontcha know?

But at least for tomorrow, Saturday, May 9, we’re back in action out in the fresh air! Just practice the recommended protocols, wear your mask while ordering, stay six feet away from everyone (not your immediate family), forget shaking hands, all that stuff, you know the drill.

Choose from the traditional Saturday Breakfast menu, plus the ultimate takeaway – breakfast burritos. As always, the regular breakfast costs 6.00;  the smaller size, 4.00. To order, between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m., drive into the parking lot or park on the street and come to the cashier station. Or, call ahead to Kim, 760-792-4555. Call back if her line is busy.

Our cashier and servers set out individual condiments to assure that only you handle your sweetener, creamer, etc. The concrete parking area outside the front entrance of the Community Center has been marked for social distancing while placing your order.

Take away your breakfast to eat at home, or carry it over to the Desert Dreams Garden across the parking lot. First-come, first-served – we still cannot forecast how many guests will come (over eighty breakfasts last Saturday, and we ran out of a few items).

And yes, we have the 21.5” square Sidekick Bandana Map available again! The Johnson Valley OHV Area trails and topography with GPS Coordinates, 8.00 each.
For a JVIA fundraiser, Dave Cole donated Ultra4 neck tubes usable for face masks, always good for sun protection and dust defense under your helmet, 5.00 each.
You can also shop for some of the JVIA fundraising specialty items, including that gadget-lover’s 7-function ballpoint pen with screwdriver bits, two rulers and a level, only 3.00 each, or 3 for 8.00.

Remember to pick up your “Heart Bar and Johnson Valley Neighbors” book of local history, by homesteader Martha Coutant, 20.00 each.
Cash or credit card accepted. Sorry, still no entry inside the Community Center.
From Hwy 247, turn onto Larrea Road (paved), go 1-3/4 miles up to the corner of Quailbush Road. Enjoy!

• In an overnight turnaround, three members of the Garden Committee brought home the latest donation. Ken Cash, Don Minnix, and Court Prittie drove to Prescott Valley, AZ, with Preston Mattecheck’s trailer.

You may remember the old wooden freight wagon that lived at the Lewis’ place on Bighorn Road. It moved with them to Arizona a while back. Now, Dennis Lewis, following the wishes of his late wife, Linda, wanted the wagon added to the collection of vintage artifacts in the Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden.

Starting out at midnight Wednesday, rotating driving stints, then winching the old wagon out of Louie’s yard into the trailer yesterday morning, then heading right back, they made it home by 5:00 p.m. With help from George Cayer, the crew gently winched this weathered old veteran into its place in the Garden, mission accomplished.

A nod to freighting days on Old Woman Springs Road, it joins the artifacts from the homesteading era and early JVIA days, a collection that grows every year through the great support from the community!

• “Our faith community is providing critical support to Californians at this time. Unfortunately, houses of worship have been left out of the Governor’s Stage 2 Plan for reopening which begins today, May 8. It is imperative we allow our churches to reopen with safeguards in place so our communities can begin to heal together. That’s why I’ve requested for the Governor to include houses of worship in Stage 2 of California’s Pandemic Resilience Roadmap.

 “Now I need your help! If you agree houses of worship should be included in Stage 2, click here to send a letter to Governor Newsom urging his support of my request.

 “Thank you in advance for your action and I remain available to assist you.

 “We are in this together.”


• Our graduating students in the Lucerne Valley Unified School District—Class of 2020 — are missing out on the fun, prom, and special events that traditionally end their school year.

The Lucerne Valley Museum Association would like to offer a personal gift bag to each of our 49 graduating students from Lucerne Valley. See the attached flyer.

And, Please Pass The Word.

• If you use the I-10 between Beaumont and Hwy 111, you may already have heard about this project; see attached.

OK, everyone, keep smiling and have fun!


Betty Munson

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