Johnson Valley News 2/17/2017

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County Supervisor James Ramos will speak at this Monday’s meeting of the Homestead Valley Community Council, with time for Q&A.

Several topics affecting property owners in Landers, Yucca Mesa, Flamingo Heights and Johnson Valley are on the table, including the campaign for Scenic Highway status for Highway 247, stalled too long in County bureaucracy.

Reinstating the County Solar Moratorium has gained support as industrial solar projects continue to threaten private property values and the economic benefits of attracting tourism to the scenic corridor.

Until the Renewable Energy Element in the County Plan is approved, the HVCC plans to support another moratorium. Fighting these projects one by one, fearing the destruction of the desert that they bring, a wider campaign for Scenic 247 may help. Certainly, a widespread request for the moratorium should be mounted.

Everyone is welcome to HVCC; the meeting begins at 3:00 p.m. Monday, February 20. This month it’s in the Johnson Valley Community Center, 50567 Quailbush Road, at the corner of Larrea Road; 1-3/4 miles up Larrea from Scenic 247.

• An unwritten rule has long affected property values in our rural desert communities. The HVCC has fought for years the County’s denial of building permits for those of us who rely on hauled water – never a County ordinance or in Development Code, never a written denial to a permit applicant.

Then in the last legislative session in Sacramento, this policy actually became State law, denying property rights to rural landowners all over California.

You are asked to take urgent action and write a personal letter (signed, hard copy) to our Assemblyman Obernolte supporting his bills AB 366 and 367, to reinstate our right to have water brought to our property by a licensed hauler from a certified source. Send your letter to:

Assemblyman Jay Obernolte,
State Capitol Office: Room 4116
Sacramento, CA 94249

Find out more about this at the HVCC meeting on Monday, see above.

• To those asking if HVCC will have a Poker Run this year, the date is planned for April 29, watch for more information on the itinerary and getting your tickets, coming soon!

• On noon on Saturday, March 8, bring a favorite salad or dessert to the Community Center to share with friends and neighbors. No charge. Weekenders, come join in, dress is casual, come as you are. If you aren’t able to bring something, don’t worry, there’s always a lot of good things to eat. Newcomers to JV, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know some of your neighbors!

• Bargain hunters are gladdened to hear; the Landers Thrift Shop has reopened, every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Shop early for the best selection, at Belfield Hall, 58380 Reche Rd. on your left not far past the Post Office.

Betty Munson

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